Yin & Yang Sexual Energy

The Yin force is commonly associated with women focusing on sensuality and the pleasure of the moment while the Yang force is often dominant in men focusing more on the climax rather than the journey.  But to experience the full enjoyment of lovemaking, I believe the male and female forces should be balanced with a combination of both Yin and Yang energy.

To say that men are all one way and women are another is too simplistic.  We can generalize by saying that many women display predominantly feminine characteristics, such as being sensual, passive, nurturing, loving, vulnerable, sensitive, compassionate, and receptive.  And generally, men display masculine qualities such as being sexual, active, controlling, strong, motivating, confident, assertive and protective.  Yet, in some successful relationships, the woman is the masculine force and the man more feminine.  Between them, balance and harmony have been achieved.

In our relationships, people seek completeness by choosing partners who complement their energy.  Some couples, after being together for many years, even look and act alike.  They have taken on each others characteristics and found a middle ground between the polar extremes of Yin and Yang.

Like most balanced forces throughout the world whether it is light and dark, hot and cold, wet and dry or positive and negative, there are two essential principles to lovemaking known as Yin and Yang.

In sexuality, it is equally important for each person to blend, within his or herself, activities that are considered Yin or Yang.  The following are considered Yin (female) activities:  flirting, tender kissing, feeding each other, eye gazing, synchronized breathing, sensual massage, hugging, communicating, and bathing each other.  On the other hand, these are considered Yang (male) activities:  deep kissing, oral love, G-spot stimulation, erotic talk, using sex toys, intercourse, sexual massage and orgasm.

See how different the Yin and Yang activities are?  And how much fun it can be to “mix and match” them in each of us?  For example, we all have our “light and dark” moods.  Think of it this way:  if the sun shone all the time, we would never sleep; but if we had no sunshine, we would become lethargic and depressed from the darkness.  So it is with each person sexually:  we can’t be the same all the time.  For instance, we can alternate tender kissing with deep kissing, and alternate eye gazing with erotic talk.  Think about the Yin and Yang sexual activities I’ve listed, and see which ones you would combine to express yourself sexually.

Remember, opposites can attract.  It is the combination of who we are and how we give and receive that makes for joyous sex, like the erotic blend of light and dark chocolate!

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