What Makes Sex Toys Great for Men?

It’s a well-known fact that more women than men are sex toy owners. For a long time, advertising has been targeting a female audience and focusing on the pleasure aspect of bringing toys into the bedroom. Guys are still largely unaware of the incredible benefits that sex toys deliver.

In fact, there still seems to be some stigma about the male use of sex toys. Someone needing a toy to orgasm or to satisfy a partner is probably not a man enough or so the conventional wisdom goes. Obviously, this isn’t the case and toys can elevate things for everyone involved in a sexy experience.

If you’re wondering about the purchase of a male sex toy, don’t think twice about it! Products like prostate massagers, cock rings, strokers or a good anal dildo for men can all maximize enjoyment and help guys discover new facets of pleasure.

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So, what exactly is it that makes sex toys great for men? Here are some of the main reasons why these products need to be popularized to get more guys on board.

So Many Options Available

Now that the direction has changed and sex toy marketing addresses the needs of everyone, the male sex toy market is expected to expand massively. Over the next decade, this segment is to grow to 39.4 billion dollars, meaning that companies will be more focused that ever before on crafting diversified offerings for men.

Even now, the sex toy market has so many delicious and tantalizing options to offer to guys.

Sex toys have been created to enhance masturbation, increase stamina, deliver realism to a solo routine and offer couples more exciting things to do in the bedroom.

From a simple handheld stroker to a fully automated blowjob machine, the options are limitless. No matter what you enjoy in the bedroom, you’ll easily find at least a couple of toys to cater to your needs and preferences.

A Better Understanding of Pleasure

The male orgasm doesn’t get talked about all that often.

It’s simply believed that guys will come no matter what and they’ll get pleasure from more or less the same routine each time. is this really the case?

Research suggests that men are actually capable of experiencing anywhere between 15 and 20 different kinds of orgasms! Stimulating the right erogenous zones in the correct way will result in those varied experiences that so few guys get to explore on the regular.

Sex toys make such kinds of self-exploration much easier and more accessible.

A prostate orgasm, for example, is considered one of the most all-encompassing and powerful kinds of pleasure. Still, the number of guys who have gotten to enjoy such a climax is limited. A simple toy like a prostate massager can unlock this new kind of pleasure and allow for a better understanding of one’s sexuality.

Even when partnered sex is considered, sex toys can lead to more intensity and enjoyment for both parties involved. Vibrating toys for couples are great for the purpose and they can be equally stimulating for the pleasure recipient and the penis owner in the equation.

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Better Overall Health and Wellness

A focus on wellness has long been the key to successful sex toy marketing geared towards women. Ladies, however, aren’t the only ones that can enjoy better health by improving their sex lives. The same applies to men.

The use of sex toys and regular orgasms can relieve stress and reduce the risk of experiencing burnout in one’s everyday hectic existence. Regular orgasms can also improve sleep quality and enhance one’s mood, reducing the risk of experiencing issues like anxiety or even depression.

Getting to ejaculate often is exceptionally important for guys who want to maintain good prostate health.

There’s some research suggesting that frequent ejaculations reduce the risk of prostate cancer significantly. In fact, guys who ejaculate more than 20 times per month reduce their cancer risk by about 20 percent in comparison to those who only got to come four to seven times per month.

Lacking a partner can make the goal difficult to accomplish. Masturbation may get boring after a while, reducing one’s desire to engage in self-love sessions. This isn’t going to happen for sex toy owners. Variety is guaranteed with the right adult product. Innovative, interactive and high-tech sex toys allow for tons of customization, helping guys craft a brand new sex experience each time they press the “on” button.


Gone are the days when sex toys used to be an option for a select few. Today, just about everyone can enjoy this kind of pleasure because adult products are more affordable than ever before.

The sex toy segment has grown exponentially. There are luxury picks, as well as budget choices that offer a really wonderful price to quality ratio. Many of these products are long-lived, allowing their owner to experience enjoyment for years to come.

Even if you’re a complete newbie and you’re not confident about spending a ton of money, you can discover amazing beginner-friendly choices that can be acquired on a budget and that will still deliver in terms of performance.

Many sex toy stores feature regular discount campaign – another opportunity that everyone curious can employ in order to test male sex toys and understand what the fuss is all about.

Final Verdict

Good sex isn’t just about being experienced and open to trying new things.

Having the right tools is imperative. Knowing how to enjoy variety is also tremendously important.

Sex toys for men have a lot to offer, both pleasure and health-wise. That’s why the lack of awareness about how amazing they are is an absolute shame.

If you are a man who wants to experience more thorough pleasure, consider buying some well-made toys. You don’t have to go all out and acquire the most complex or high-tech contraption on the market. Something as simple as a vibrating penis ring or a prostate massager will give you a glimpse of the possibilities. If you like what you’re getting (and you most definitely will!), you can easily move on to exploring other choices.


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