Three Fun Gifts

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It is important to remember to take time for yourself and if you have a partner, them too. During this time of year, we are working harder and giving of ourselves more than we are used to, but by doing that we often forget about ourselves.  These three fun gifts are merely a suggestion of what you can do to recharge.  This is just a list and does not have to been done in any particular order. You can do one a week or all at once. These gifts can be done through the holiday or afterwards as a gift for getting through the holiday. 

Making Love Art

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The first suggestion is you can have fun by making love art. There are different places you can find love art. There are different brands, some of which have kits. All you have to do is supply your body or bodies. You can always Google to find where to find and buy ‘making love art kit’. The search gave a variety of different options. I have seen them in adult stores too. You can find kits with different supplies in them.

The main items you want in the kit is a plastic painter’s drop cloth, a white cotton cloth or canvas, and safe body paint. Keep in mind some kits can get pricey. If you are into DYI, you can buy the key ingredients: drop cloth, white cotton sheet, and safe body paint. Then go to town on the canvas and roll around on it with safe body paint. The paint can be applied in the middle of the canvas/sheet or can be applied to your body. I think we all have a little Jackson Pollock in us.

Adult Toys

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The next gift idea is a list of adult toys you can play with for yourself or with your partner.  These are great for all genders and sexualities. While there are many to choose from, I focused on a line of toys that ticked a number of boxes for me. Things that I looked for: I wanted them to be safe, made from high-quality silicone, and safe for your body. They are free from phthalates, BPA and latex. I wanted them to be able to be used in the shower or tub, 100% Waterproof. I wanted a good battery life for multiple hours of fun.

Also, I wanted the toys to be easy to clean. And the last item on my list was affordability.  There are number of companies that offer a safe and good product just about everywhere. The following is a suggested list for your consideration.

  • Dual Vibrating Massager: (For anyone with a vulva)
  • Vibrating Ring: (I think this is interesting that although designed for use in the
    vulva, you or your partner can place it against the prostate massager giving it a
    kick at the base.)
  • Vibrating Feather Tickler (For anyone with nipples)
  • Vibrating Plug (For anyone with an anus)
  • Prostate Massager (For anyone with a prostate)

These products can be found by Googling ‘sex toys’. Do not forget to use some of your favorite water-based lubricants in case the users do not have enough organic lubricants.  One can say, the more lubricants, the ‘funner’ the play.

A Coupon Book

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The last gift idea is a tried and true one, a Coupon Book. What is great about this one is you can choose what you want to give, such as coupon for a hug, kiss, snuggle time, bubble bath, massage, oral sex, romantic dinner, or sex, to name a few.

Now remember, you are giving this book as a gift to someone. That someone gets to have a hug, kiss, or oral sex from you. So, if you are not into oral sex, do not make a coupon for that. Just like if your partner does not like a bubble bath, do not give a coupon for something that you know is off the table. If you are creative, go to town, but if you are not, there are ideas on the web, just Google ‘fun coupon books’.

You will get articles on how to make coupon books including step by step tutorials. All you need is to know what your partner likes and what you are willing to do.

Here is the thing, what is great about these three gifts ideas is they can be done by yourself or together affordably. I love art. I also love sets of art. That being said, you can do the love art by yourself. There is something sensual about touching yourself and something even better about seeing a picture you made while giving yourself pleasure.

Now, what did I mean about sets of art? If you do one and you have your partner do one and then a third one can be you both playing with each other. As far as the toys go, they are great stand-alone or for fun with others. That brings us to the coupon book. You can always make a coupon book for yourself. I do.

Sometimes I need to spoil myself and that is perfectly acceptable. Life asks a lot of us all the time. We often do not notice, but soon it catches up with us. We feel run down, drained, and not appreciated. But that is on us. We are not taking care of ourselves like we should. We need to give ourself love and pamper us from time to time to keep us charged. So, whether you try this at the holiday or afterwards, the take away is to have fun and always keep things consensual.

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My name is Dr. Sparkle. I hold a Doctoral degree in Holistic Health and Life Coaching. I totally take the word Holistic to heart: Body, Mind and Soul. I am a Holistic Health Practitioner, Certified Sexologist, Relationship Coach, Love Coach, Certified Master Herbalist, Certified Master Aromatherapist, Certified Nutritionist, Certified Master Crystal Practitioner, and Certified Mediator, Arbitrator, and Negotiator. I like to look at the body as a whole. Sex is a very important part of living. Please know sex is all encompassing, it is not just one thing. I am a big believer of Self-Love. I do not judge and look to the brighter side of life. I strive for Love and Unity for all.


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