The Leading Man: The Feminist Sexpert Interviews Ryan Driller

Ryan Driller

He has played Superman, a living Ken doll, and Prince Charming–as featured in lush XXX fantasy films that depicted the sensual side of these classic romantic heroes for the sublime enjoyment of female viewers. And this man himself is a walking dream, one who my sisterfriend and premiere MILF performer Elaina St. James refers to as “the Cary Grant of the adult industry.”

Ladies, we got Ryan Driller in the house–thank me later. You so owe me lunch!

Classically gorgeous with strong acting skills and a keen sense of comedic timing, this leading man of erotic cinema has appeared in more than 400 XXX features and won multiple industry awards.  

“I’ve done a variety of projects in adult, from long productions with 75-page scripts to short shoots where we improvise the dialogue–and I might be playing a personal trainer,” he said. “I enjoy them all, but I do like to play characters and tell stories.”

One character that he is particularly known for playing is Superman in Axel Braun’s superhero porn parodies; and starting with Superman XXX: An Axel Braun Parody, he has mastered the role of the Man of Steel–and in a way that fulfills the fantasies of femmes who, like myself, wondered just went on between good ol’ Supe and Lois Lane behind the scenes and between the sheets.

“In porn,” he says, “We don’t cut away when the love scenes start. You get to see it all.”

At the same time, Ryan always sought to preserve the dignity of this iconic hero.

“As a comic book fan, I didn’t want to parody or cheapen the character of Superman,” he said. “But this script respects the character.”

Indeed, integrity always has formed a cornerstone of Driller’s career; with his respectful treatment of his female co-stars making him a particular favorite of the Feminist Sexpert.

Well, that and the fact that he’s incredibly hot.

“I don’t do rough scenes–it’s not in my DNA,” he said. “I tell directors that if they want me hard, I can’t play rough. And even if a co-star asks me for it, I tell her, ‘We’re having fun. Let’s keep it fun.”

In addition, Ryan works with many top female directors, including my sisterfriend and boss at Sssh.Com, the venerable Angie Rowntree.

“She was wonderful to work with,” he said. “I played a Prince Charming character in her film Ellington, an adult take on Cinderella.”

Driller also played Prince Charming in an adult version of Snow White, and was featured as a living, dancing male fashion doll in Magic Mike XXXL–a porn parody of the Channing Tatum film that drove women wild.

This flick, suffice it to say, drove women wilder.

“Everyone was worried that a porn made for women wouldn’t sell,” he said. “But this one did, and we had a blast filming it.”

Photo supplied by Elaina St. James

More recently, Driller appeared in my gal Elaina St. James’ “The Magic Dildo”, in which he comes as a package deal with his own Fleshlight Guys Realistic Silicone Dildo. Elaina wishes the toy to life in her bedroom, with Ryan appearing in a towel to realize her wildest fantasies.

“I loved working with Elaina,” he said.

Ryan has worked with numerous other female directors, including MissaX, Kayden Kross, Holly Randall, and more.

“If a film is directed by a woman, it can have a more artistic feel, more of a tease and a seduction, a sensual touch,” he said.

Especially if those films happen to star the marvel, Mr. Ryan Driller. Check him out here.


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