The Prince of Persia: The Feminist Sexpert Interviews Zane Walker

In general, Ladies, one might discover a dashing, gorgeous character known as the Prince of Persia in the pages of an erotic romance–but hey, even The Feminist Sexpert, a multi-published romance author if she does say so herself, couldn’t conjure a hero this hot! 

A rising star in the world of adult film, Zane Walker–aka The Prince of Persia–is the ideal porn performer; one whose image and persona seem custom designed to appeal to the female viewer. Beyond his movie star good looks, he exhibits a true sense of respect and attentiveness when performing alongside some of the hottest women in the industry; kissing them passionately, pleasuring them in a variety of ways, making compelling eye contact, talking both sweet and dirty at just the right times. And the top studios in the industry are taking notice; indeed, Zane currently can be seen in the frames of the latest erotic features released by the likes of Team Skeet, Brazzers, and Hot Guys Fuck.

It was, in fact, through her recent viewing of a HGF release that the Feminist Sexpert first discovered this walking dream; a man who takes pride in bringing women’s fantasies to life on the silver screen.

“I particularly like filming for Hot Guys Fuck, in that they are one of the few studios that shows off the male form in their scenes–the focus is on me,” he explains. “I like having the opportunity to show the results of all the hard work I do at the gym, not to mention all of the physical and spiritual preparation that I put into my work. I live a clean, sober life, I eat well, I practice healthy habits, I take care of myself.”

(“And boy oh boy. Does it ever show.”–Feminist Sexpert Editor’s Note)

Zane also takes ample care of his female co-stars, always ensuring their comfort and pleasure throughout the course of any given film shoot. He shines as a true gentleman in every filmed scenario, bequeathing them with smiles, compliments, kisses, and a whole lot of orgasms. Bonus!

“I always meet with my co-star before our scene,” he revealed. “I ask her her likes and dislikes, her yes and no lists, and what I can do to help her show herself to best effect.” 

Zane’s co-stars tend to vary in age and body type.

“Regardless of who the co-star is,” he said. “I can get the job done and please her.”

And while he respects all women equally, he especially loves to work with older women.

“MILF performers tend to be confident, easy to talk to, professional,” he said. “They have more life experience and are comfortable with themselves.”

Zane, a model and athlete whose interests range from real estate to UFC fighting sports, began his own professional porn career in the arena of homemade content.

“I was seeing a beautiful woman, and we would film ourselves having sex. I asked her if it would be OK to post the content, and she said yes,” he explained. 

Major studios and agents began to take notice of the young stunner who one director deemed The Prince of Persia–an homage to his heritage, and to the mystical look and smooth, well-spoken character that truly sets him apart.

“It’s amazing to think that, just a few years ago, I was sitting on my couch watching porn, thinking, I’m a very open minded person. I could do this.”

“And here I am, doing it!”

…and earning many devoted female fans and friends in the process, including one totally besotted Feminist Sexpert! Find Zane at Only Fans and Chaturbate under Zane Walker, and at Twitter,   

“Don’t be afraid to live your dreams, Ladies,” he tells us. “Don’t ponder it, do it. If it doesn’t work out, then it’s a life experience. If it does, it’s a dream come true.”

I’m the Feminist Sexpert, and I approve this message.


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