Five Staycation Ideas For A Fun & Safe Summer Vacation

Staying safe doesn’t mean not having fun!

Woohoo, it’s summertime! Time to pack my bags full of bikinis and… Oh wait, we’re in the middle of a never-ending global pandemic.

Well, in that case, have no fear!

Staying safe doesn’t have to mean not leaving the house. You can have a ton of fun planning a “staycation” right at home or in your town that won’t require much effort at all.

If you’ve never taken a staycation before, then you’ll probably need a couple of staycation ideas to help get you started. It’s time to get creative.

Here are 5 staycation ideas to have fun and stay safe this summer.

1. Look at places near you that you’ve never explored.

You’ve probably connected certain locations as “vacation destinations” and others just as “destinations.” Any new location can be a vacation with the right mindset!

You can sit around and mope, or redirect and flourish. There are endless websites and apps that will give you reviews on hotels or Airbnbs practicing appropriate safety measures.

2. Look at Airbnbs, hotels, and bed and breakfasts hours away.

If you happen to book a hotel in a smaller town, you’ll not only be taking a vacation to someplace new, but you’ll be going to a place with less risk.

Smaller towns make social distancing easier, while still providing new scenery for you and your family to safely explore.

3. Plan a road trip in an RV.

Of course, you can pack up and drive to Canada or the other side of the country if long road trips are your thing, too.

Rent a mobile home or bus, pack the fridge full of food to avoid risky stops, and enjoy the ride! You can take fun pictures along the way and find exciting places to safely visit while social distancing.

It might not be the trip to Fiji you had planned, but it sure beats binge-watching Netflix for the 300th time this year.

4. Make yourself a home “spa.”

If you don’t want to leave the house, you can tidy up the place, throw on your robe, cut up some cucumbers for your eyes, and get some sheet masks.

Make some changes to your environment, like lighting candles or even pitching a tent in your backyard.

Splurge on a few luxurious beauty products, try a couple of new beauty hacks, or make it a DIY beauty treatment evening.

If you want your luxury items to be a surprise, consider ordering a beauty subscription box ahead of time. Rather than opening the packages when you get them, save them until the day your actual staycation starts. That way, you’ll have something to look forward to.

If it’s just you and your partner or spouse, take a shower together afterward to wash each other off!

5. Buy a fancy set of sheets and blankets.

Dress up your duvet and invest in high-thread-count hotel sheets. Leave chocolate on your own pillow.

Find ways to stimulate your senses comparable to when you’re on vacation. If you loved the Bahamas, maybe use a body spray or lotion scented like mango or pineapple.

You can’t fake the palm trees or the ocean, but that doesn’t mean your room can’t smell like that sexy villa in Grand Cayman.

Here are some extra tips to help you enjoy your staycation…

  • Put your phone away while you’re spending time with your family.
  • If you’re going to have your staycation at home, tidy up the place first.
  • Stay in your robe and make it relaxing.
  • Have a budget for food and other little things you can splurge on to make it feel fun and luxurious.

Your vacation plans might have been sidelined due to the pandemic, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun and enjoy yourself.

There are many staycation ideas you can take advantage of to make sure that you’re safe and socially distancing while having a great time and getting some much-needed relaxation!

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