Creating an Explorative Relationship

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Exploring New Possibilities In Your Relationship

It can be important to keep exploring. Especially in a relationship as you quickly grow into specific patterns and routines. This can be comforting but it can also be draining not to experience any surprises.

But how to ignite the explorative spark?

You do not have to be generally unsatisfied with your relationship and your sex life to want to experience some changes. So, you should not be afraid to open and be honest about your needs. If you experience, that you have a less stimulating relationship in terms of sexual exploration, then you should maybe stir it up a bit.

It can be difficult to establish an explorative atmosphere in a relationship that has been going on for many years. It might however create a livelier feeling. It can be helpful to start with something concrete like introducing a sensory touch and tantric massage to your love play routine. Before you introduce ideas about your relationship, there are some things you should remember.

Communication is key

It is sometimes hard to speak up when you want something to change as you can be afraid of hurting your partner. Communication can help to build a stronger relationship. But not sharing or silencing could end up hurting them even more. Therefore, you should always share what you feel but you should of course think about how you phrase it.

Communication is key to creating a healthy relationship wherein there is room for all feelings and where you accommodate each other. Even under the sheets, it is important to remember to be able to communicate with each other. When you communicate a certain wish both emotional and sexual, you should take your partner’s feelings under consideration. And if you are overall satisfied, then you should remember to state that, so the wishes or fantasies do not seem like an attack.

Create a more playful and fun tone in the relationship

Using your sexual energy as a source of exploration can be a good idea. It can be a way to create more fun and playful tone in the relationship. It might be difficult to start depending on how long you have been together and how natural it is for you to communicate about your desires and sexual fantasies, but no matter what you should try it.

And if the most difficult is to say it out loud, it might be a good idea to act on it. This could be by introducing some toys into your sex life or showcasing what you want to explore. An effective way to show that you are playful and inviting your partner to be as well is to buy and introduce some BDSM products. If this sounds too rough to you, you can off course find other roads to go down. However, it does not have to be that extreme, but as written this will show an enthusiastic, explorative and playful that might be needed in a long-term relationship.

Remember to keep exploring in a relationship both in terms of getting to know each other emotionally and sexually.


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