Best Long Distance Toy for Couples

Have you heard of Moxie? Well if you don’t know you need to know. The Moxie is a vibrator that attaches to your panties. You can control the Moxie from your phone. Anyone can control your moxie from their phone if you give them permission and they download the free app. This is a game changer for a long distance relationship. It’s also spectacular for any couple. Releasing control to your partner is an exciting act of submission and they can remind you anytime they wish. It’s also fun foreplay before a date or fun on a date. You can watch your partner with amusement as they attempt to ask the waiter for more water on the verge of an orgasm. Holy hell… yo.. take a puff.. if you smoke weed.. put the moxie in your panties and put on your favorite song and it vibrates to the beat.. for all of these reasons Moxie is one of my favorite sex toys. Try it for yourself

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