Long May She Rayne: Electra Rayne Brings Us Queer Crush

Photo supplied by Electra Rayne

As we celebrate Pride Month, we also give thanks for those film studios, publishing companies and other media entities that cater to the queer community–including a new adult film site that releases content by and for bi and lesbian women.

QueerCrush.com, a new lesbian studio run entirely by queer women, is the brainchild of Electra Rayne; a beautiful, talented longtime performer who aims to show the world how queer women and Sapphic nonbinary folks actually like to have sex–something of a rarity in an industry in which male content creators make stereotypical ‘girl/girl’ porn for an audience of manly men.

“As a bisexual woman in a relationship, I saw very little adult content made for me,” she said. “Also, I wanted to make porn that my girlfriend would like. She loved the idea of lesbian porn, but couldn’t find anything made for her.”

A joint venture between Vegas-based performers Rayne (owner/director) and Dahlia Von Knight (head of production), QueerCrush launched last year and has now produced more than fifty scenes–all of which present lovely vignettes of authentic, nonscripted, spontaneous lesbian sex.

“We feature real-life couples,” said Rayne, “as well as women who want to act out their fantasy crushes on performers they love.”

Rayne most literally gives these women ‘free Rayne’ to perform their scenes in the way that they choose, in accordance with their desires.

“We direct them to have sex in any way they choose. We don’t tell them how to do the scene,” she said. “In all of my time as a performer, I’ve never had a director ask me for advice on how to shoot an authentic lesbian scene.”

Rayne herself appears on the site, along with adult luminaries that include Alex Coal, Casey Calvert, Penelope Kay, Lotus Lain, Rebecca Vanguard, and Sinn Sage. Also appearing are models that one might not normally see on mainstream porn sites.

“We have a focus on diversity,” said Rayne. “We have women of different ages, colors, sizes, looks, identities, and physical abilities.”

Photo supplied by Electra Rayne

All Queer Crush content is produced ethically, with full consent, preliminary interviews and check-ins in place. Performers select everything from their makeup and wardrobe to what they want to do during their scenes.

“My ultimate goal is always to maintain a safe, comfortable and fun set,” said Rayne.

And it’s all geared toward the female gaze.

“Straight men aren’t likely to like our content,” said Rayne. “This is for queer women and nonbinary people.”

And how does Mrs. Electra feel?

“My partner loves it,” said Rayne. “She doesn’t even mind that we have a porn studio in the house.”

Luna Storm, a BBW performer who recently shot for the site, said of her experience with QueerCrush: “I love that we got to pick our own partners and that the connection was really authentic. We were able to just have a great time and explore each other. The entire experience was super chill and I can’t wait to work with QueerCrush again!”

“QueerCrush is queer porn at its absolute finest!” wrote veteran performer Casey Calvert, who also directs for Lust Cinema. “My experience working with them was incredible. Every step of the way I was encouraged to be myself and create content in a way that feels true and genuine to me and my sexuality. I can’t wait to work with them again!”

A QueerCrush scene has been selected for screening at the 2023 San Francisco Indie Porn Film Festival. The site has also earned sponsorships from Sliquid Lube and Peepshow Toys–patrons can use promo code “queercrush” on either company’s website for a discount, with a portion of their purchase price going to support the site. Right now during Pride Month, QueerCrush.com is offering new customers 20% off for life – locking in a permanent $19.99 pricing.

For more information about QueerCrush and to subscribe to the website or buy/rent individual scenes, visit QueerCrush.com. Interested performers can visit the site as well and click “Model For Us” for information about the application process.



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