Scientific Study Says “Sex Unleashes Your Tongue.”

A new study published in the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin,  says that when people get sexually excited by someone they just met, they “self disclose” and tell personal things about themselves to total strangers. According to the study, sexual attraction can result in TMI moments. (“You’re really cute; let me tell you about my boobs!”)

The mouthful study is called “Sex Unleashes Your Tongue,” Sexual Priming Motivates Self-Disclosure to a New Acquaintance and Interest In Future Interactions.”

The study looked at the “mechanisms of social connection” when it comes to romantic love, pair-bonding, and the dopaminergic reward system.” Researchers  were interested in studying how “activation of the sexual system affects relationship-initiation processes.” In other words, do humans talk about themselves and reveal personal things about themselves to get laid? Hell yes! But since its subconscious, they have no idea they’re doing it.

“In Study 1, participants were “subliminally exposed to sexual stimuli (vs. neutral stimuli), and then disclosed over Instant Messenger a personal event to an opposite-sex stranger.” Results showed that merely thinking about sex, even without being aware of it, encouraged self-disclosure.” So in the future, if you’re not sure whether someone “like likes” you, they will let you know by talking about themselves.

“Study 2 replicated these findings in relatively naturalistic conditions (live face-to-face interactions following supraliminal video priming”). The “video priming” was a sexy sex scene from the movie “Original Sin” where Antonio Banderas and Angelina Jolie are gettin’ it on. The “placebo” group had to watch a cat video.

Subjects were then asked to self-disclose an embarrassing personal event to another participant during a face-to-face interaction.”Following this interaction, subjects rated the extent to which they self-disclosed to the other person, and reported if and where they wanted to spend a first date, such as a bar or a restaurant.” (This was to access compatibility and attraction.)

Study 3 extended these findings, indicating that sexual priming facilitated self-disclosure, which, in turn, increased interest in future interactions with the stranger. Together, these findings suggest that activation of the sexual system encourages the use of strategies that allow people to become closer to potential partners.” Being vulnerable and disclosing personal stuff creates intimacy, like the convos you have with your closest friends.
The study furthers the idea that “sharing of private aspects of the self with another person is a well-documented way for people to increase interpersonal intimacy and enhance relationship formation.” So tell me more about your privates…
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Anka Radakovich is a legendary Sex Columnist, Certified Sexologist, Sex Educator, Screenwriter, and Author of the book THE WILD GIRLS CLUB, PART 2, Tales from New York to Hollywood. THE WILD GIRLS CLUB, Part 2 is her third book. Her first two books, The Wild Girls Club; Tales from below the Belt, and Sexplorations; Journeys to the Erogenous Frontier were both published by Crown/Random House. She was the Sex Columnist for DETAILS Magazine for 9 years and currently writes columns for and Los Angeles Magazine. Her writing has appeared in dozens of magazines including Marie Claire, Women’s Health, Men’s Health, Harper’s Bazaar, Cosmopolitan, Redbook, Men's Journal, Seventeen, Glamour, and Maxim. She has appeared on numerous television shows including 8 appearances with Conan O’Brien. She was a Jeopardy question under the category “Men’s Mags.” As a Sex Educator and Sexologist, she is a college lecturer at Universities throughout the country who offers her unique brand of sex education. Follow her on Twitter @ankarad.


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