Is Your Penis Healthy?

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A healthy penis requires your attention. As you age, your penis will change and sex as you know it will change and sometimes this takes you down a rabbit hole of despair. Resulting in more sexual problems. Many of my clients have gone down this path and are seeking help a tad “too late”. There comes a point in which the penis goes through a process of losing strength and power of erection and release. Even the amount of sperm released will get less and less.

My goal is to guide my client through a series of exercises that promote penis health. Exercises that change the trajectory of penis aging. Jelqing are exercises that have many sexual benefits. Harder erections sperm production, stamina, length and girth are benefits of the exercises.

In a nut shell, Jelqing is stretching the shaft which will help in making the penis length longer. I guide clients through massaging the penile tissue and stretching the skin until the penis swells but does become erect. While many tools are on the market that tote penis growth and length, but they do not work. Often causing damage that is not always reversible.
Let me say this before I move forward. Penis size and girth only matters if you do not know how to use what you got. If length is a worry, the most pleasurable vaginal orgasm for most vulva owners is the Gspot. Located 2-3 inches inside the vagina. Folks with length find it hard to stay this shallow to stimulate this area. Next, hand jobs, blow jobs and many other stimuli options produce the same result. Ejaculation size does not differ based on penis size.

With that out of the way, let’s Jelque. Take note of how your body feels when you are performing the steps. Get your lube ready because it is essential. You should not stretch the penis when it is erect. You need to be flaccid or semi-erect. I work through a series of mindfulness exercises to keep you focus on the exercise. You can be to rough and the penis can fracture. Being guided through the exercise is a benefit until you learn to do the exercises on your own. Stand with your legs apart on planted feet. Just as I prescribe three orgasms a week, you should do these exercises three times a week. Do not do them daily.

Place your warmed, lubed hands at the base of the penis and pull the skin at the base of your penis toward the head of the penis. Do this twenty times. If your lube wears, reapply and keep the exercise going. Next, gently massage and pull the penis head as you stretch it upward and hold for a count of 10. Repeat this slow gentle stretch and hold in position, then to the left and next to the right.

Now, while holding the head, pull the penis away from your body. Place your thumb of your other hand on the shaft at the base and press down with your thumb as you are lifting up with your other hand. Hold this stretch to a count of 10 in every direction. It is important to do all sides. You will need to press your thumb on the opposite side at each stretch adding tension. Keep it up, move right, left, and up, but never down. Stretching down is not good for your penis.

Penises may not point up. Which is the position of the erection. More than 72% are at an angle of some sort. It is very normal for the penis to angle vertically, downwards or horizontal, or even pointing straight forward. If your penis angle causes sex to be painful for you or your mate, talk to your doctor about options to correct the angle.

Keep in mind that the stimuli that causes your erection is something that happens automatically. Your arteries dilate and push blood to the penis. How f’ing cool is that? When the three spongy chambers are full, you will be erect and will grow longer as you stiffen. The erection pushes against the veins causing them to constrict as they carry the blood away from the penis. This happens over and over until a balance is established allowing equal parts of blood flow into the dilated arties and through the veins again. Ta-Da!! Erection.

If your penis is healthy, you can create and maintain stiff erections that give you more pleasure when stimulated. If you think that your blood flow is slow or blocked see a doctor for treatment. Medical science has come a long way in the treatment of erectile dysfunction and in many cases you do not have to live with it. I guide my client’s through a serious of other exercises that support blood flow to the penis. If you ever need me reach out.


  1. My goal is to guide my client through a series of exercises that promote penis health. Exercises that change the trajectory of penis aging. Jelqing are exercises that have many sexual benefits. Harder erections sperm production, stamina, length and girth are benefits of the exercises.
    AGAIN, we have a magic female sex therapist …….
    I come back to the fenomen of the female sex therapists, Dr. in the same categorie, pelvic floor magiciens , psychologist, especially those focusing on male issues ; I find hundreds of them today, publishing whatever they can on the SEX trilogy PTP (penis-Testicles – prostate) Whaaahwwooow , all of them talking about it as they are suddely changed in a MALE person. I read ridiculous talks about the male penis, about masturbation, about Jelqing ,about premature ejaculation etc etc….. means all the issues that only a male can feel, only a male can perform, and only a male can experience… no female person can have any experience about that, even if you are the best of the best. I can talk about it, I was there, I am there and I now what i am talking about; I have been personnaly affected by severe by PE and I struggled during years to get of it .. I saw all the colors of the rainbow, regarding psycho, tips, tricks, solutions etc…. but for 95% coming from female people…. I did surgery on hundreds of men, and healing hundreds of them phisically and psychologic on a scientific way regarding their PE, ED and others. So my question is always the same, when a female person has a talk or video about that issues, and especially all sorts of massages, sex handlings, prostate issues, erectile problems, pelvic floor therapists…etc… How can you as female person, have an idea what those guys are feeling, what is the feeling of having a penis, feelings about the prostate, feelings and experiences about masturbation (are you beside them to see them masturbate.. ) do you really know how premature ejaculation feels, physically and mentally , what they feel about erection issues etc…. NO way at all, you just can guess about it. AND YOUR JELQING TALK IS ONE BIG NONSENSE. What do you know about stretching a PENIS… DO YOU HAVE ONE ??
    NO….. !! so stop your ridiculous talkings. Jelqing is not a healthy handling, on the contrary. Just Commercial blablabla… So come to the clinic, assist on a surgery with me, , and you will understand how stupid your proposals are;;!! Excactly the same for the porn problem, which today is the most explosing phenomenon. All that even after years of exploring, publishing books, making idiot talks etc…. It’s never been exploded as today. So trying to have dubious behavior about that issues, is a very bad idea.. I interviewed personnaly in the intimicy hundreds of guys, but the answers where and are still very difficult to obtain. Nevertheless we have a community of gay people to care about in the clinic, and I can tell you that the real issues, the real feelings are coming from that way. Most of the guys measures 180 à 195 cm tall, are mostly equiped with huge materials, pops up their body with body building excercises and have endless aventures about sex – sex trilogy PTP, etc.Their body is for us the most explicit test ground, psychologically included; So before you give solutions, talk to guys, or better, try to talk about it with them. Even then you still not have male equipment down there, neither do you have a male brain. Hope this little experience can inspire you.
    Dr. Prof; BDC – urologist- psychologist – surgeon- sex therapist in scientific way – during 40 years.


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