Workouts to Keep You Sexy & Recharge Your Libido

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Time to Recharge Your Libido

It’s November!

November is the time of year where you feel every wear and tear in your body. Body pain is a huge deterrent to having sex. It is very hard to experience an orgasm when pain is present. When you add to pain, a lack of stamina and or body image issues, you really have a formula for orgasm failure. 

But don’t be discouraged.

There are ways you can still enjoy sex including orgasm. Even as our bodies starts to betray us, we can do things like exercise, lose weight, or practice mediation and tantra to create a sex workout that will keep you on the orgasm train.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to be society’s image of “sexy” or “healthy”. You just have to commit to being your kind of fit, your kind of healthy. When you are the best version of you, you will find yourself being more successful in having fulfilling orgasms.

Workouts to Keep You Sexy


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Create a sex workout with the purpose of getting healthy for sex. Having sex uses muscles you rarely use during the day. Thus, you can prepare your body for better sex by building strength, stamina and flexibility with various exercises to improve sexual function.

Upper body strength will build the muscles of the shoulders, triceps, chest and back which are important in positions like missionary if you are the one on top.

Stretching and lengthening your muscles regularly means you will be more likely to move into more challenging positions that require flexibility.

Core power is also important because thrusting comes from your abdominal muscles and lower back. Strong abs girdle your belly, so it won’t flop over and get in the way during sex.

Huffing and puffing is not sexy. Building stamina by doing things like aerobics are ways to maintain rhythm, positions and endurance, which are all crucial to being good in the sac.

A combination of interval and resistance training are great ways get and keep your body orgasm ready.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

Your PC Muscle

A very important muscle that all genders need to build and up and maintain is the PC muscle. Known as the Pelvic floor or pubococcygeus muscle, this area supports your bladder and rectum and helps control your urine flow. The PC muscle also plays a very important purpose in the process of having an orgasm. Control over this muscle can strengthen your orgasm regardless of gender. Thus, everyone should be building up their PC muscle.

You probably have already heard about exercises that allows you to flex the PC muscle to build a stronger pelvic floor. For penis born individuals this can lead to the ability to have multiple orgasms. For vulva owners, it helps to produce more intense orgasms. Kegels are also a great exercise post prostate cancer treatment, but they cannot be done if you have a catheter. 

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Your Quick Guide to Kegels

You can do Kegels at any time, anywhere, because unless you make a funny face, no one will know you are tightening your anus and bladder muscles while you sit or stand, except you.

To do a kegel, you simply squeeze as if you are trying to hold in a fart and urine at the same time. Hold for ten seconds and release. Repeat this as often as you can throughout the day.

Make sure to include Kegels in your sexy workout. If you don’t, you may experience a weakening of your pelvic floor which can affect your orgasm. Create a workout plan that allows you to work on strengthening muscles, increasing your stamina with cardio and circuit training, and a daily dose of kegels.

Your orgasms will thank you!

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Sexercise Your Body

There are many physical, mental and spiritual exercises that you can do to keep yourself in shape to have your best orgasms. Create a workout plan that will support your sex life. Get your partner involved and try some workouts together!

It is never too late to implement a sexy workout plan.

Let’s get sexy! Do it today!

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