Partner Boat Pose – Sexycises Couples Yoga

In this yoga pose video, Kayna Cassard and Dominick Cole demonstrate Partner Boat Pose – a fun Level Three pose that encourages intimacy, connection and playful fun. Yoga is a wonderful way to connect physically, emotionally and sexually, and I developed this program to give couples an easy way to use the power of touch.

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Boat Pose description: In Partner Boat Pose Kayna and Dominick are holding hands as they bring the soles of their feet together. They then begin to extend the legs straight, pointing upward. Throughout this pose, Kayna and Dominic work at keeping their backs straight by leading with their heart chakra.

About Kayna Cassard: As an LMFT, Kayna’s areas of specialty include sexual difficulties, sexually compulsive behaviors, and gender or sexual identity issues. She hosts Acro Yoga Play & Intimacy Skills Therapeutic Workshops where she teaches communication and using body connection and breath to experience healthy intimacy.

About Dominick Cole: Dominick is a renowned Acroyoga expert and teacher with therapeutic workshops that focus on healing through movement as well as play & intimacy skills. His workshops use the components of acroyoga as a vehicle for participants to discover new ways to experience trust.


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