Unique Holiday Gift Idea: Shower Caps Are Sexy!

Shower Caps Are Sexy?!?

Here is how and why my shower caps are sexy .

About twenty-five years ago I had a boyfriend who would come over and plunk down on my couch for the weekend.

He would watch MTV videos for hours in my apartment in San Francisco.

I would do my cleaning, make meals, bathe and do things around him.

All the while he manned the clicker.

I was all very cozy.

On one of those days he was watching a Madonna video.

She wore a cute black and white striped cap with a big bow on it as she danced around sexily.

That was the day I got the idea that I should make a shower cap that looked like that cap she wore in the video.

My BF was very polite and really would not enter the bathroom while I was in it without knocking.

But I thought what if he came in and I was wearing a really ugly shower cap while bathing in the shower?

What would he think of me then? Would it turn him off? The horror!

I thought I should to make my own really cute shower cap. I do know how to sew after all.

I decided that I would sew a shower cap like the Madonna cap.

I would have it ready just in case he came in and pulled back the shower curtain and peeked in at me the next time he came over.

I would fantasize that I would look really cute in there all wet and soapy with my black and white shower cap on and he would come in and join me.

I waited for the day that he would pull himself away from Duran Duran videos.

I wanted him to look at my face and shower cap and not down at my body.

I thought he would be so preoccupied with the charm of the shower cap that he would not notice any of my real or imagined imperfections of my then size 5 nude body.

I felt bad about stretch marks, bumpy cellulite, glaring white skin on my legs and brown arms.

(By the way, I would take that body back now in a heartbeat!)

I did make a black and white polka dotted shower cap to wear at home to quite good results if I remember correctly.

This got me making more for my friends and a former employer who put some in her bath shop in Carmel CA on consignment.

They all sold out at that bath shop.

A friend who worked at I. Magnin department store in downtown San Francisco, told me to go show off my shower caps to the lingerie buying office.

I sold them 6 dozen and was in the shower cap business.

Since we have sold thousands of shower caps but the sexy factor has not been a selling feature like it should have been for the benefit of my customers.

The shower cap fun has taken a back seat to prices being the cheapest, net 60 and making the shower cap into a dull commodity. Really, what a bore retailers are these days!

My inspiration when I made my first shower cap was being young, vain and wanting to look really cute to please my man.

I still think it is that! Not just to be worn when deep conditioning your hair. But that is good too I suppose.

This is my real story of the Mimi A La Mode shower cap sexy beginnings and inspirations.

My goal has always been for the shower caps to go out and inspire the wearer to express her inner fun sensual self, whatever that may be to her and use humor to get over any negative body image.

Just like I did.


I had one customer tell me that she would take a bath wearing the shower cap and pretend like she was Joan Collins in Dynasty while drinking a glass of Champagne!

I got a letter from an elderly lady who told me that when she wore my shower cap she felt “pretty, sexy and young!”

That letter to this day still gives me goose bumps and inspires me to keep going.

To think that wearing my shower cap can evoke such good feelings is the reason why I have been doing this for so long.

So my shower caps are sexy, in that it gives meaning to my life as a facilitator of fun sexiness through the use and wearing of my designs.

They can help women to feel and visualize themselves in all their happy pretty sexiness while bathing.

Then this good feeling can continue for the rest of the day and spill out all that pretty sexiness into their everyday life with her true love and her family.

I know my shower caps are not sexy like wearing a pair of black stiletto heels but they are in part of the process of getting to feeling sexy on the inside.

So when people make fun of what I do, I think well they are not very sexy minded or especially bright.

My shower caps sleep masks and other lingerie and sexy things are shown on my website www.mimialamode.com

Feel free to email me at [email protected]

Visit my new sexy sister site www.oohlalabox.com for sexy gift sets ready for gift giving.

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Mimi Basseri has been the designer of lingerie and accessories at Mimi A La Mode for 25 years. She spent much of that time selling her designs wholesale to upscale department stores and retailers in the US and internationally. She tried her hand at running several of her own retail stores to promote her brand. The most recent was a boutique on Melrose Avenue in Hollywood CA. She sold her best- selling designs of accessories and lingerie in the shop and had a department filled with popular sexual health products. This led to her to contact Dr. Ava Cadell to learn more about sex and love. She eventually graduated as a Love Coach from “Loveology University”. Some of her designs have been featured in popular television shows. She is a native Californian and her interests are in makeup artistry, etiquette ,world travel, poodles and lover of vintage style “Old Hollywood Glamour”. Based in Southern California Mimi is inspired by the lifestyle and celebrity stories new and old. She works daily to inspire herself and other over 50 ladies to stay happy and sexy.


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