Put A Ring On It: How To Get A Perfect Fit On His Penis

Cock rings are a favorite gay boy’s sex toy, but most straight women have no idea how these things work. Where do we begin?

Since I don’t have a penis, I asked Steve Callow, founder of Arousal Rings brand, Perfect Fit, what’s up with the new penis rings down there.

“We made the Play Zone Kit so it can be fun for a couple to experiment,” he says. The cock ring, now called an “arousal ring“, can be used in many ways on a guy’s junk. “How a ring is worn depends on the ring size, your equipment and the desired effect,” he says. The silicone ring is made in 14 sizes. We define Arousal Rings as a category containing three basic types of rings: The two most common ways to wear a ring is on the shaft, often called “penis rings” and then the other is around the base of the penis and scrotum (yup it goes under the scrotum and around everything), we often call these “cock rings.”

“Another way to wear a ring that’s fun, but doesn’t aid in maintaining an erection, is a ball ring,” he says. “A ball ring goes on the scrotum between the penis and the testicles. It shouldn’t be too tight it simply keeps the testicles from pulling into the body during sex. This feeling of having the testicles held low can turn a lot of men on.”

Low hangers. Who knew?

So how do we get started? Penis ring toss anyone? “To find your perfect ring or combo this may help,” Callow says.” I recently saw a review of the product where a couple played ring toss with the Play Zone Kit, I thought this was brilliant. The wife would throw arousal rings onto the “orange cone”, which comes with it, and whichever ring she got on she would have to see if and where it may fit.” 

“For sexual distraction (SD), I think an arousal ring may be the best choice,” he says. “Wearing an arousal ring is going be more adaptable to your varying stages of excitement. It will not require a partial erection to get it on, which a penis ring (shaft only) will require. A cock ring (encompassing both shaft and scrotum) is easy to put on. But it may require a bit of practice the first few times. Our rings are made so they won’t stretch when you are wearing them, but they will stretch with your hands so you can pull it over the penis and scrotum. Once on it shouldn’t be binding or strangling the base.” (Good to know these things won’t strangle someone’s boys.) 

Here’s how you get the perfect fit: As an erection grows it will tighten. You have more room for sizing mistakes with a cock ring than a penis ring. If the erection is uncomfortable then the ring is too small. You can stretch it with your hands to relieve tightness, and when your erection subsides, you can pull it off. Obviously, it is best to start with a ring that is too big. You can always measure the circumference of the fitting area under the scrotum and around the erection by using a piece of string and then measuring it. (The company is in the process of making a YouTube video.) And a conversion table on their packaging and website helps determine what size ring to use when measuring circumference, (previously known as “mini willy,” “medium chub”, and “Jesus Christ, you have a big dick.”)

And finally, why should more couples bring arousal rings into the bedroom? “The exploration of a partner’s equipment is very exciting and intimate for many men,” says Callow. “Your man will see that his ability to get a hardon is now rewarded with a super hard erection and staying power. This is a great confidence builder for any man.”

Find the perfect fit, whether your/his penis is small, medium, or “donkey”.

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