“Male Pelvic Fitness” Book Review

With his new book Male Pelvic Fitness, renowned urologist Dr. Andrew Siegel is on a mission to teach men about the “hidden jewels” of the pelvis, the muscles that work with the male sexual organs to create optimal sexual performance. A typical man’s workout at the gym does not involve penis exercises, but that’s exactly what the doctor orders in this book.

His main well-documented thesis is that by increasing the strength, tone and condition of the pelvic floor muscles, a man can expect to solve many pelvic health issues from erectile dysfunction to prostate issues. Detailed anatomical illustrations show you exactly what’s going on in the male pelvic region, including all the arteries, veins and ligaments involved in a rock hard erection, but the book is more than just a biology lesson.

Dr. Siegel has a wealth of practical knowledge to bring to the table from his life-long practice treating men with countless issues like urinary incontinence, prostate problems, premature ejaculation and many more.

And he’s also got a sense of humor. Expect to find the unexpected, like learning about the Walibri tribe of central Australia who shake penises instead of hands as a greeting. “Don’t try this at work,” he warns. It was also fun to read the origin of penis nicknames like ‘schlong,’ ‘willy,’ ‘wiener,’ and ‘pud,’ which is the short form of Pudendum.

When it comes to sexual health, so many questions can go unanswered due to shyness or just a lack of proper communication with one’s doctor. This book gives a full practical guide to men’s sexual health covering topics that some men may not bring up at the doctor’s office, like how anti-depressants affect a man’s sexual performance.

My favorite three chapters include Marvel’s Of The Penis, Male Sexual Dysfunction and Muscles of Love! This is knowledge every man and woman needs to know in order to understand male sexual health and pleasure. Couples should read these chapters together as part of foreplay or even afterplay! And knowing that it’s never to late to improve your sexual health by doing some pelvic floor muscle exercises should be empowering to men. There is even a program called, Private Gym that comes with a DVD, a penis exerciser and this book, so buy it for yourself or give it as a gift and it will be one of the most memorable and valuable gifts ever!

Dr. Siegel’s reader-friendly format keeps you focused on what’s important, with the bolded Who Knew? beside interesting facts (like little-known Viagra side effects) and Bottom Line to call out summary statements that get to the point. There’s also a great interview with Pilates expert Catherine Byron who outlines a 10-step pelvic strengthening Pilates routine.

I recommend the book to all men as a fantastic primer in penis health, and the Private Gym for giving penis exercises a try.


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