Rising Star: The Feminist Sexpert Interviews Joshua Lewis


The world of adult entertainment is brimming with young hotties–most of them of the female variety. Well, Ladies, all of that is about to change…

Ladies, a show of hands please! How many of you remember the classic book Cheri, penned by the legendary feminist authoress Colette, that concerned a gorgeous, charming young Frenchman who engages in a red hot romance with an older woman? Ah, nice! Now, a second show of hands please! How many of you walked in on Hubby watching a porno that pairs a barely legal babe with a plausible looking dude who (surprise, surprise) is his age?! Oh. That’s every hand in the room. And some of them, I notice, have their middle fingers conveniently raised. In Hubby’s general direction.

Well Ladies, never fear. I have found a Cheri for the New Age, and his name is Joshua Lewis.

Dubbed “the boy next door who will change your whole life” by female talent and directors (and at least one female Sexpert columnist–I’m sure the others will catch on), this 19-year-old, classically handsome blond male talent with a bad boy twist started as an OnlyFans creator and is now in the Top 1%. He’s signed with and is one of the most requested male models at the top adult agencies, and is already scoring nominations with less than one year in the industry—he just got his first and he’s up for Creator of Year (Man) from the YNOT Cam Awards. Although he’s one of the newest nominees in the category, Joshua stands a good chance of winning, as his fans and industry friends #rockedthevote for him every 24 hours through September 30th. Joshua has already worked for Reality Kings, Brazzers, Team Skeet, Porn Pros, See Him Fuck (a studio much beloved by the Feminist Sexpert, as the male body is showcased for once) and Deep Throat Sirens.

Despite receiving such grand adulation so early in her career, Joshua remains kind, well-spoken, and deeply humbled by his success.

“I’m very appreciative of my success, to my fans, and to my team–my press rep Erika, my agent Sandra, all of them,” he said. “It’s gratifying.”

Joshua is also appreciative of women–as is evident in his performances.

“I love working with all types of women, older, younger, all shapes and sizes,” he said. “I don’t have a preference. It’s her personality that matters, if we connect.”

And, yes–in a good number of his scenes, he’s the hot young lover, and she’s often the older, more seasoned partner. Doncha love it? In that way, the viewer can put herself in the place of his scene partner.

“The fans want to see me, and what I would do to them. It’s not about how she looks.,” he said, adding, “My fans love seeing me with older women.”


And beyond the issue of age and aesthetics, Josh–who maintains great creative control over the production of his scenes, shot his early amateur work himself and writes his own scene descriptions and site content. He’s also skilled at camera work.

“I especially like to include humor in my scenes,” he said. “I like viewers to laugh and get off.”

Beyond his films, Josh remains deeply engaged with his fans. Keep up with everything in his universe by following him on IG @joshuaaalewisss.

“Fans are so important to me,” he said. “They’re the ones that support you, that pay for your content, that give you Likes and Favorites on social media,” he said. “I wouldn’t be where I am today without them.”

And beyond the fantasy fulfillment offered by cam and text-based platforms, Joshua feels that these online venues gives him the opportunity to form a deeper connection with fans.

“Here they got to talk to me, to learn more about me,” he said. “They get to know who I am as a person.”

He also loves to meet fans in person, and has done so a great deal recently. Joshua recently appeared at EXXXOTICA Miami this weekend, where he signed at the Chaturbate booth. He’ll also appear at the Edison, NJ and Washington, DC. shows.

Through his communications with fans and others, Joshua also hopes to disprove some of the stereotypes that people have about adult performers.

“I take care of my body, I eat healthy and get enough rest–if I stay up all night, I’m loading content, not partying,” he said. “I’m very self-aware and take care of my health.”

Joshua also has a clear direction for the path of his career, hoping in the future to do more feature work and perhaps even directing work–along with staying on track to being one of the hottest male performers in the business. Because I say so.

To vote for Joshua to win his YNOT Award, establish a YNOT ID to vote—go to ynotid.com/user/register, choose a username and password, and put in your birthday and industry role. Once you get an email that your YNOT ID is approved, head over to awards.ynotcam.com/vote, look for Joshua’s category, click his name, and hit the “submit vote” button.

Josh expresses great love for his female fans–and he has some advice for those who may feel a bit bashful about watching adult material.

“Take your time, relax, enjoy yourself and get off,” he said. “It’s only natural.”

I’m the Feminist Sexpert, and I approve this message.


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