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Debra Shade's Sex Tips


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Whether you’re aiming for G-spot stimulation, or you just want to rub the A-spot or entire vagina canal in general, these tips can help.

• Use lube.
• Make sure your fingernails are cut short and filed smoothly.
• The same goes for rough hands.
• Wash your hands beforehand to avoid spreading bacteria, which can cause infection.
• Start with one finger.  You can always add more (some individuals like four fingers or even to be fisted), you want to give them time to get used to each finger as you rub the vagina internally.

• Pay attention to their responses.   If they get tense, pull away, seems disinterested, or is in pain, do less of that. If they moan, breathe heavier, get closer to you, keep it up!



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While the labia are not as sensitive as the clit, there are a lot of very enjoyable ways you can pleasure and stimulate them. Slowly rubbing them up and down like can bring them close to orgasm without them climaxing, which makes for great foreplay. Do not forget that lube will make stroking the labia feel so much more pleasurable for her.

Many vulva owners can become really sensitive after climaxing from clitoral stimulation. It may even become painful for them if you touch it immediately, so you will want to hold off further stimulation for a few minutes. This makes the labia the perfect option for focusing on until that clitoris calms down and returns to normal sensitivity. If the labia are long enough, you can also rub the clitoris through them if it is too sensitive for direct stimulation.

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