Force of Nature: The Feminist Sexpert Interviews Goddess Lilith

If one was to look up the phrase kickass woman in the dictionary, one would probably find a beautiful photo of Goddess Lilith–an esteemed and revolutionary singer on the metal scene who also shines on the adult scene as a woman to be reckoned with–and the Feminist Sexpert reckons that we ladies need to support Lilith as She embarks on yet another leg of Her auspicious musical career.

This award-winning, internationally renowned, and bicoastal Dominatrix, Luxury Mistress and Fetish Model, Certified Life Coach, Reiki Master, and Author Goddess has made a name for Herself as lead singer of the goth metal band Sorrowseed, which rocks audiences around the world–as powered by one of the mightiest and unmistakable female vocalists on today’s music scene.

Now Lilith begins an exciting new phase of Her career as the lead singer of MURTAIR, a heavy metal band ready to release a five-song EP that inspires listeners to thrash with its hard groove and electronic elements. Her fans, slaves, and supporters are encouraged to support the band’s Kickstarter campaign, where funds raised will cover the vocal recording, mixing, and mastering the EP, artwork, printing 250 limited edition EP, digital distribution, and camera rental and location costs to make the music video.

“Murtair is more brutal than Sorrowseed,” She said. “This EP is about taking back what has been taken.”

In essence, though, Goddess Lilith’s music always has told the stories of survival. Demeter’s Reckoning, a cut from the Sorrowseed recording The Extinction Prophecies, tells a tale of ethereal revenge, in which a goddess of the earth and seasons takes vengeance for the abuse of our environment.

“When I think about it, it’s all interconnected,” She said. “The way we treat the environment, the way we treat women. We should take better care of them.”

Lilith is a woman with a lot to say–and She generally sings it. Goddess Lilith is, in fact, a classically trained vocalist who holds a Liberal Arts degree with a focus in dramatic arts from Harvard.

“I’ve been singing since I was a toddler,” reveals Lilith, who plays piano, guitar and other instruments. “I always wanted to imitate my heroes.” These heroes range from Nirvana to Joan Jett.

Goddess Lilith now has many fans of Her own, both in the musical sphere and owing to Her role as a premiere dominatrix.

“I’ve always liked to lead men around on leashes, so why not do it professionally?” She said with a smile. “I’ve always been dominant in my personal life.”

She has graced the pages of Hustler’s Taboo and Malevolent, AltStar, Beckett Online Gamer, ASN Lifestyle, and 420 zine Skunk magazines.

Goddess Lilith has received many accolades, including Footnight International’s Most Captivating and Fascinating and Top Trampler Awards, as well as Best Female Cam Performer at the 2018 and 2019 Fetish Awards, and Fan Favorite Alt Visual Arts Book of the Year from the 2021 AltPorn Awards. She’s also scored numerous nominations from Fetish Awards, Footnight International, AVN Fan Awards, XBIZ Cam Awards, Fleshbot Awards, AltPorn Awards, YNOT Cam Awards, and Fetish Awards.

On-screen work, teaching, and event organizing reign as Her true passions. In 2018, She introduced New England’s first recurring FemDom Event and hosts foot worship parties

She also enjoys gaming on Learn more about Her at Buy Goddess Lilith’s eBook How I Make Bank as a Foot Model (And You Can, Too!) on Amazon and Gum Road

Goddess Lilith says that She has faced blowback in the music industry, both because of Her strong persona and Her career in the adult industry. Yet nothing stands in the Goddess’ way; and in the future, this force of nature stands to take the world by storm.

“I want to teach much more in the future,” She said. “And I want to be of service to women.”

Let us now serve the Goddess by supporting The MURTAIR Kickstarter campaign. Goddess Lilith welcomes pledges in any amount. Backers can choose to get no perks and give generously to the project or pledge $5 or more to get an EP. Funds raised beyond the initial goal will go towards merchandise and a second music video. Make this project happen and pledge at

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