How Dirty Is Demi’s Diana?

In a brilliant social media marketing move, Demi Moore posted a picture on Instagram, showing her sitting on a couch in her bathroom, poised over her laptop. This led to many fans asking about the placement of that couch, in that particular room, and then more news from Moore that the 57-year-old actress was launching her new “Dirty Diana” podcast series.



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Excited to finally share what I’ve been working on! First episode of #DirtyDiana drops Monday, July 13. Trailer in bio 🖤

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Recorded exclusively on Zoom, the six-episode podcast features a cast of celebrity actors like Betsy Brandt, Carmen Ejogo, as well as cameos by Lena Dunham, and Melanie Griffith, to name but a few. “Dirty Diana” posts every Monday until 8/17/2020.

But is Demi’s new endeavor dirty?

An eye-of-the-beholder (or ear in this case) consideration, determining objective ‘dirtiness’/sexiness, is like defining what is or is not kinky. Each listener who comes to D.D. (and anybody can, it’s free) will find it naughty, exciting, and worth their time as determined by his or her tastes. What can be said—and with all fairness for this reporting only listening to the debut episode—is that the half-hour is well-produced.

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Given her well-earned cred in the entertainment community, it’s no surprise that Moore has enlisted an A-list producer/writer in Shana Feste to helm her series. Feste, a screenwriter/film director, is best known for the films “The Greatest,” “Country Strong,” and “Endless Love.” Her shepherding the show is top-notch. In addition to her writing and producing, she sets the nuts and bolts of “Dirty Diana”—sound effects, atmospheric music—expertly. This is a high-level fiction podcast that any other online download show would be worth emulating in production value.

The acting and story are…another story.

Again, based on the debut episode only, and again a subjective assessment, still, a show like this requires good voice acting, and good voice acting requires a specific talent, of which, not every actor is specifically skilled. And with what one hears listening to “Dirty Diana,” it sounds as though some actors are, and some aren’t, up to the task.
Sorry to say, one that isn’t, is Moore.

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Portraying a woman in an increasingly sexless marriage, undergoing chauvinism from the men at her work, and a certain embarrassment when recording other women’s fantasies, Moore’s Diana comes across more coltish than empowered. Yes, she still has that sexy sandpapery voice, but this is not some of her best acting.

The inherent pitfall of enjoying erotica, whether one is reading or listening to it, is that all too often, writers and actors hit the mark too wide. The stories and dialogue fall into the realm of the tried, true and trite, or what a creator feels an audience expects and therefore the piece, as in the case of the first episode and set-up of Dirty Diana, loses any uniqueness.


One certainly can applaud someone with as high a profile as Demi Moore attempting to push erotica a little further into the mainstream, in attempting to create an interesting character trying to master her existence through her work and presenting a complex sexuality. But whether Demi’s “Dirty Diana” will indeed get any dirtier, or even interesting, across six episodes, or if there will be more coming from Moore, only time will tell.


You can catch up on Dirty Diana through Apple Podcasts.


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