Erika Jordan’s “Advice For Men”: Get Her To Be More Adventurous In Bed!

Please enjoy this video with my advice to men on how to get their partners to be more adventurous in bed. It’s all about communication and consent.

Everyone has their dealbreakers – such as threesomes for example – and you have to respect that some things may not ever be okay. But for the activities that are ON the table, how can you make them happen? I’ll give some tips here on how to gently bring it up by encouraging conversation around exciting new sexual adventures, and discovering your partner’s deep desires.

Men ask me lots of questions, and one of the most common one is, How can I get her into bed? Then right after that comes How can I get her to be more adventurous in bed? Keeping things hot is very important to make relationships work, so take the time to find out what turns her on, and what she might be thinking about trying, but is nervous to bring up with you!

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