Elite English Gentleman: The Feminist Sexpert Interviews Luke Hardy

He’s a former Army commando who now shines as a golden entertainer: suave, classy, funny, and refreshingly down to earth. He is strong in mind and body, muscular, classically handsome, and looks just as good in a suit as–well–out of one. And most importantly, this native Englishman is a true gentleman who treats women with respect.

OK, so now you’re probably clamoring for the name of the romance novel in which this patently fictional character appears. Ah, but Ladies, this man is real–and he stars in some romantic, sensual adult films that do indeed seem like romance novels come to life. Meet my friend and fascination, award-winning straight male porn star Luke Hardy.

“As an adult performer,” he said, “I get paid to do what I love.”

With a whopping 86 IMDB credits and hundreds of scenes to his name, Hardy is a dashing leading man who appears in top flight European productions from studios like Dorcel and Private, and Digital Playground. He welcomes the challenge of playing characters that range from superheroes to military officers. And he has worked with more than his fair share of female directors, including Liselle Bailey, and Liza Del Sierra.

“I do like to work with both female and male directors,” he said. “A woman director can make for a nice set. They listen and pay attention to the needs of the talent.”

As the Feminist Sexpert reviews many of Luke’s titles (hey, Gal’s gotta do her research!), I’m particularly struck by the elegance in form and theme presented by many of these pictures. When one sees Love, Etc., Touch, A L’Arret, Nevermore, and The Pleasure Provider, it seems a refreshing change from standard XXX fare, such as My Baby-Sitting Stepdaughter Hooker or BJs Galore.

“Many porn titles are geared toward men,” he agreed (“Men who need to up their game,” the Feminist Sexpert concurs). “I love to do films geared toward women.”

And when working with co-stars, Luke–who maintains his own website at Luke Hardy XXX.Com and has two OnlyFans channels–prides himself on respecting and pleasuring them in equal measure.

“I show respect toward everyone I work with,” he said. “Especially the women that I shoot scenes with–it’s very important to me to make them comfortable, I ask them what they do or don’t want.”

Luke also shows tenderness and affection in his scenes, demonstrates a full spectrum of pleasuring techniques guaranteed to bring a big ol’ smile to a lady’s face, and avoids overly rough content.   

“I stay away from really rough stuff,” he said.

When not making films, Luke also shines as a top flight ladies companion in England (Swoon!). He has experience as a naked butler and a personal trainer. He has active YouTube (where he presents Hardy Vision interviews, podcasts and comedic videos) Instagram and TikTok channels, while his hardcore content can be found at Porn Hub and Many Vids.

In the future, Luke plans to form a production company to create porn productions geared toward women and couples. And he has a message for us ladies.

“Respect yourself,” he says, “And find someone who respects you.”


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