Temperature and Fruit Play

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Ahhhh the end of October. Gone away is my beloved Halloween and my super sexy submissive experience called BLISS and my favorite kink party, TRAUMA. BLISS and TRAUMA come once a year in October in Columbus, OH. TRAUMA is the largest Halloween Fetish Party in the Midwest. The best costumes, the most talented rope players, fire and fetish practitioners from all over the world come to little ole Columbus, OH for this three-day event in a very large church. Yes, add the extra thrill of being so “naughty” in a converted church is exhilarating. Pews and stained glass still in place. There are six DJs, and dance floors and a mainstage where the best kinky, talented performers from all over, take the main stage. Burlesque performances, costume contest, bands, bands and more bands. Suspension, and erotic activities that you can play with like wax, deprivation, electric, restraints and more. So much to see and do. Absolutely the best weekend and the birthplace of BLISS oh so many years ago.

BLISS is an intense submissive experience. Doms of all walks Top Subs who sign up for the consensual fun. It is multiple rooms and something different in each one. Things like flogging, saran wrap, temperature waxes, intimidation, restraints, urine and all the fun things that a submissive could find pleasure in. Snatch them in, make them crawl and then put your toes in their month type stuff. It is an event that I do once a year. In October. It is my celebration of my favorite holiday – Halloween. If the Sub is unable to “complete” the experience without making through each room/area, they are out of the experience. It is a great time for all, and I get great reviews and “thanks” from all of the participants. This energy is also the energy that I put into my workshops. Each one is an experience for the attendee. I believe that learning occurs through implementation of the lesson. Hands-on courses geared with the completion of the sexual response cycle (climax) as the goal. A Sexologist who specializing in climax, yup that is me. The benefits are ridiculous, so I happily spread the word through my workshops, seminars and keynotes. A great workshop I love, love, love to do is on fruit and temperature play.

The cucumber has been well toted as the vegetable to penetrate and masturbate with. Not for nothing, it’s a fruit. Botanist label things that grow from a flower and contain seeds, fruits. Making the cucumber the most used fruit for sexual stimulation. I know that I have been told about using fruits and vegetables in the bedroom. I have tried quite a bit and there are some fun options out there. Fruits that are used to squeeze, insert and ride. Fruits and vegetables that have holes in them or that you can cut a whole into like cantaloupe or grapefruit. Crescent shapes makes great penetrators. Bananas of all types. Bushy vegetables can be great ticklers or spongey for strokes like broccoli and cauliflower. Even tripod, meaty fruits work. Slice the fruit into a tripod shape, mango for example. Cousin to the tripod is the wedge. Wedges are like an upside-down triangle and can be used on and in the anus as well as vagina. You can also use the temperature of the fruit to provide excitement. Fruit that you can slice thinly, flat or diamond fruit is known as swifter shaped fruit. Plantations, peppers, etc., not finite, I could go on and on, but I for sure cannot forget to mention tubular. Back to the cucumber and lets add zucchini or even eggplant.

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The sensations that you can generate for an individual with temperature play is PHENOMENAL! For me, it’s cold. I have a true fetish for the feel of cold skin. Cold hands on my breast or my bald head gives me butterflies and chills. It is something that I oddly found out I love. In my studies of what gives pleasure, I found that many people enjoyed the sensation of warm wax. There is a set of candles specifically for play. They burn cool to hot and depending on a person’s tolerance, they can be very orgasmic. In addition, you can use hot stones, oils or simply water to provide different sensations for the receiver. Warm up or chill toys, towels, your hands, anything that has the ability to alter its temperature can be used in temperature play. It is not just the pleasure of the receiver either. As the giver you may become aroused by the sight and feel of the reactions your little game is providing. Arousal begets arousal and if you learn to tune into that you can achieve a micro-orgasm. Tune into the reaction of your action, notice the breath and quivers the receiver may be exhibiting.


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