Why Using Sex Toys Can Keep the Passion Alive in Your Marriage

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What Keeps Passion Alive?

The typical decline in passion and sexual satisfaction among long-running marriages is inescapable. However, a recent study found sexual pleasure and true intimacy prove to be higher among particular couples. These couples had more frequent sex, received more oral sex, regular orgasms, integrated various sexual practices and communication into their sexual repertoire.

Sexual practices such as taking showers together, trying positions you have never done in bed, and scheduling weekly date nights to have sex improved passion in relationships. There are also many other ways that couples can keep passion alive in the bedroom.

One of the most important considerations, is to work on your relationship and not take it for granted. Goal-setting solidifies your status as partners in love and life. It also ensures that you are willing to move forward as a couple and work together to achieve shared dreams and purposes.

Trying Out New Sexual Adventures

There are lots of fun ways to spice up your sex life. And, while many couples read about ways to improve their sex life, it is those who actually TRY new things than tend to have a more satisfied sex life.

As they say, variety is the spice of life!

First of all, communication is key to any relationship. So first you have to have the conversation about trying new things in the bedroom. This should be approached from a safe space, free from judgment and shame. Once you have that established, then you can sit down together to create a list of things you may enjoy together.

Activities could include:

  • Having more oral sex.
  • Spending more time during love making.
  • Romantic date nights.
  • Sex in the shower or bath.
  • Trying new sexual positions.
  • Making sure that both partners receive consistent orgasms.
  • Trying a variety of sex acts, such as anal pleasure.
  • Setting the mood with music, or other sensual enhancements such as candles.
  • Wearing lingerie or role playing.
  • Cuddling, kissing, and making out during sex.
  • Being more playful and laughing.
  • Acting out fantasies together.
  • Saying “I love you” lots or sending loving text messages throughout the day.
  • And, yes, trying out different sex toys.

Incorporating Sex Toys Into Your Love Life

When you and your spouse decide to give it a try, you could go out and purchase a sex toy as a fun bonding activity. Just checking out the various products available on the market can be a thrilling journey in and of itself, rather like foreplay.

Try vibrators for her, masturbators for him, and sex toys for couples including various kinky type play toys, as a way to incorporate new, innovative products into your regular routine.

Clitoral vibrators are always a good pick for her, and for him, the Autoblow is a blowjob sex toy is proven to enhance his orgasmic power. The Autoblow is the world’s first male masturbation tool made with artificial intelligence (AI). Men who wanted to enhance the quality of their orgasms have tried it and ended up mind-blown. More amazingly, they did so without sacrificing intimacy with a partner.

This miraculous piece of modern sex aid features a series of pre-programmed pleasure settings plus two specifically designed functions made to take their masturbation experience to a whole new level of satisfaction. The built-in AI motor allows the tool to “learn” the settings you use the most. It will keep changing its motion until you either finish or shut it down.

The developers take pride in producing a tool that copies the same strokes, speeds, and techniques used by the world’s greatest oral sex connoisseurs. The device has inspired innovation in the male sex toy industry while giving a simple fix to sexual health issues like mobility limitations, erectile dysfunction, and premature ejaculation.

The Key to Creating More Intimacy

The key to creating more intimacy is to set realistic goals that are both challenging, yet easy to accomplish. Maybe going for a 2nd honeymoon at a 5 star luxury resort in the tropics would be your ideal romantic get away. But how realistic is that? Can you settle for a nice hotel room in your home town or city that has a Jacuzzi and a big king sized bed? Use your imagination, and this could be just as amazing as an expensive trip away.

Try Something New

Again, don’t just read about all the ways you could bring more adventure into your love life. You actually got to decide what you want to try, make a plan (yes a date night) and then go follow through and do it. Dreaming or wishing about it will not get you there.

So, make your relationship a priority by putting an emphasis in intimacy, variety, trying out new things, and of course, communication.

Spicing up your sex life is not impossible, it just takes a little bit of work!

Aren’t you both worth it?


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