Dr. Ava Cadell: Podcast Interview on Dating & Sex In Isolation

Cupid’s Coach Podcast with Julie Ferman Interviews Dr. Ava Cadell on Dating & Sex In Isolation

Listen in as Julie Ferman taps into the wisdom of Dr. Ava Cadell, renowned sexologist regarding managing loneliness and depression. Nurturing loving kindness, water therapy, self-care; healing from fear, pain, loss, toxic relationships, releasing shame and guilt. Creating space, holding space, especially in tight quarters. How to come out of this better than before. Can courtship happen via video chat, without pheromones? How to connect and develop intimacy first, saving the bedroom for later. Deepening self love and intimacy with a new love interest through White Tantra. Sex toys, fantasies, erotic talk, role-playing, developing a healthy body image, good porn vs. bad porn, and why seniors are having fantastic sex!

Listen to full Podcast below!


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