Caution: These Items Should Not Be Used as Sex Toys!

Photo by Goh Rhy Yan on Unsplash

Can a massager be used as a vibrator? NO!

In fact, massagers and vibrators share many similarities, as they both have vibration functions. However, there are also significant differences between massagers and vibrators. The vibrating function of a massager is primarily designed to relax muscles and relieve pain, while a vibrator is designed for sexual arousal and masturbation. The intensity and frequency of vibrations from massagers are not suitable for sexual stimulation. The risk of using a massager as a vibrator is that they may be overly intense or misused.

Additionally, although massagers and vibrators are similar, their shapes and materials are different. Massagers are usually designed to be round or oval, whereas vibrators mimic the shape of male genitals. If the surface texture of a massager is not suitable for sexual stimulation, it may scratch or chafe sensitive areas, leading to pain or infection.

Moreover, inserting a massager into the vagina or anus is very dangerous and could cause internal damage or injury. The sex toy manufacturer spent a long time researching the frequency, material, and shape of the vibrators, so that it could be safe and fun, becoming one of the best-selling types of sex toys. It won’t be easily replaced by a massager.

Can a rubber band be used as a cock ring? NO!

A proper cock ring is made of skin-friendly resin or silicone material, with an adjustable tightness that is easy to put on and take off.

Regular rubber bands used for tying hair are not a good idea, however. First, the material may be a blend of “three-no rubber” (no industrial standard, no production date, no manufacturer), which can easily cause an allergic reaction. Second, rubber bands cannot provide a proper fit, they can easily be too tight, causing pain or even bleeding, and may stick to the skin and be difficult to remove afterwards…

Even if you want to save money and effort, consider your little buddy!

Can shower gel/shampoo be used as lube? NO!

Many people, when running out of lube, have the bright idea of using shampoo or shower gel.

However, most cleaning products are designed to feel fresh and will foam up after a few rubs, providing lubrication for only a few seconds. Moreover, the ingredients in these products can easily irritate the private areas, causing allergies, inflammation, etc.

In fact, properly made sex toys are not expensive, so stop compromising with random things. For the sake of pleasure, it’s worth investing in some good gear for yourself.

Points to note when buying sex toys:

  1. Don’t be lazy, buy a set

Whether you’re a man or a woman, remember to add a bottle of lube to your order when buying toys. Although the seller may provide a sample, it will run out after one or two uses. It’s really uncomfortable when you’re in the mood but out of lube.

  1. Pay attention to size, or it will be uncomfortable

Especially for women’s toys, the length, thickness, size, and vibration intensity are very important. Pursuing bigger and thicker indiscriminately will not only fail to bring women pleasure, but also make it difficult to enjoy.

For male products, pay attention to the “inner depth” and “inner diameter”. If the size is too large, the cup will be too loose, not providing a good feel; if it’s too small, the cup will be too tight, making your little buddy uncomfortable and unable to enjoy the pleasure.

  1. Waterproof rating + noise level

The waterproof rating not only indicates how to clean the product, but also determines whether you can play with it in the bathroom. As for the noise level, it’s very straightforward. After all, you don’t want others to discover what you’re doing…

So, the key points for choosing sex toys have been passed on to you. Treat yourself well, starting with buying a suitable toy, and don’t think that everyday items can replace sex toys.


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