Champagne Bath What Are You Waiting For

Today I am gonna blow your mind! You know how things that taste good or feel good are usually bad for you? Like Twinkies and bacon.. WELL!!!! Have you tried a champagne bath? Champagne contains resveratrol, a potent antioxidant that can act as a shield against damage and provides serious anti-aging benefits. Champagne can be used as a toner to help promote clear skin. The polyphenols found in champagne help reduce inflammation and skin redness, while the tartaric acid evens out tone. Mind blown.

This sounds cool and all but what does this have to do with relationships or sex?! A few weeks ago I was shooting a custom video in which I had to pour 2 bottles of champagne on myself. The bubbles felt like a light electricity on my skin. Insanely arousing.. so I immediately wondered why I had never incorporated this into my sex life and I dug in!

Of course if we filled an actual bathtub with a sugary champagne, although decadent, we could end up with a yeast infection or a UTI. Most of the champagne baths you see online are made to look like champagne with a foam on the surface and water underneath. Although you can find spas and hotels that offer champagne baths. I recommend taking a shower afterwards. Back to bubbles of electricity on my skin. The sensation of the bubbles dancing on my skin was truly magical. I highly recommend you incorporate this trick into your sex life to keep things sexy!

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Erika Jordan

Certified Love Coach, NLP Practitioner


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