Train Your Brain To Better Sex For $2.99

On April 12, 2018, Early Bird Books will be offering my book Neuroloveology: The Power to Mindful Love & Sex for only $2.99! I urge all my readers to snatch it up at this price because it’s packed with unique exercises on how to train your brain for better sex and a more fulfilling relationship.

Why should you buy this book? The main reason is that you should be making love a priority in your life! But since I’m an overachiever, I’ll give you ten other reasons:

  1. Experience Self-love and Acceptance

True love can only happen when you love yourself first. My tried and true plan for singles shows you how to benefit from neuroscience to get those brain chemical cocktails flowing, and how to exude confidence and sexiness to find the perfect partner. If you already have a partner, you’ll learn how to maintain passion and boost intimacy.

  1. Find & Maintain that Loving Feeling

Did you know that a 6-second hug releases oxytocin, the bonding and long-term love chemical in the brain? My book is filled with quick, easy ways to use brain science to boost intimacy between you and your partner. So, if you’re not hugging at least twice a day, you need this book.

  1. Replace Distractions with Mindfulness

Check my list of internal and external distractions to see what might be keeping you and your partner from having regular sex. Is the laundry basket visible from your bed? Are you worried the kids will barge in? Is the TV on or the clock facing you? Are you listening to negative self-talk? Learn how to clear away all distractions and get focused on your mutual pleasure.

  1. Enhance Left & Right Brain Communication Skills

Many couples are banging their heads against a wall trying to become closer, but their brains are clashing because they don’t know which brain hemisphere is most prominent for their partner. Find out with easy tests in my book whether your partner is left or right brained, and speak to them in their own language. You’ll be amazed how many couples experience dramatic results with this knowledge.

  1. Take Dating to a Higher Level of Intimacy

Learn all about the many stages of love, and what’s happening to your brain along the way. Feeling like your relationship has lost its fire because you’re suddenly not having sex three times a day? Take back the reins by realizing you’re in the next stage which can be just as exhilarating if you know how to dig deeper and experience more intimacy.

  1. Solve Relationship Problems with Meeting of the Minds

Find out what’s happening inside your partner’s brain, and learn to communicate with each other successfully to create the relationship that you truly desire, not the one that you’re settling for. Through my ‘brain activation’ exercises, you can grow brain cells, change the way you think, and get closer together with renewed mutual responsiveness.

  1. Raise Sex Hormones and Ignite or Rekindle Passion

Explore the five levels of touch to find out whether you and your partner agree on what it means to be passionate, or healing – or how about romantic? Get on the same page with dozens of exercises that teach you how to synchronize your bodies to be fully present and enjoy the best sex of your lives.

SEX equals Sexual Energy eXchange.

  1. Expand Physical, Emotional & Sexual Boundaries

Challenge your relationship to elevate to new heights of enrichment with my intimacy challenges that are also fun to do. Sharing romantic memories, naming your strengths and weaknesses, describing sexy fantasies – these verbal games grow your passion by allowing you to learn about each other. Plus you will never lose your curiosity for each other and have plenty to talk about on date night.

  1. Over 100 Neuro-cises to grow new brain cells and your relationship

Have you ever heard of “Mirror Neurons?” They activate upon watching and emulating the actions of your partner. When we laugh, for example we can actually feel the other person’s sensations, movements and emotions inside us. There are fun exercises in my book that bring couples closer together, using this cool brain function that creates a bridge between two brains. And that’s just one neuro-cise!

  1. Experience Braingasms

Learn the 7 steps to a “Braingasm,” a mind-blowing technique I developed by putting together all the powerful brain science I discovered while writing this book. You can experience a braingasm on your own or with your partner. And remember, sex begins between your ears, and then between your legs!

Don’t forget to sign up for your copy of Neuroloveology at $2.99! It’s one day only on April 12 – just fill in your e-mail here and click to buy when you receive April’s Newsletter.

Stay sexy!


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