What Your Halloween Costume Says About Your Sexuality

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Most people like to portray a character that is opposite to their personality. It is the perfect time to reveal your hidden fantasies. It is a liberating time to try on an alternative you. By changing your outward appearance, you’re given permission to act differently on the inside and see how it feels to think and speak as a completely different personality. For example, a shy person wearing a monster costume can make a big, splashy entrance to a party that they would normally never consider, or a blustery personality pretending to be a mime can learn the subtleties of body language while ‘trapped’ in a soundless role.

But what will people think? Will you get more action or less? Will it be easier to flirt, or harder? It can be incredibly empowering to step out of character, open up to an altar ego and take your partner on a journey with someone new – but it’s good to know what kind of sexual energy you’re drawing toward you with your costume before you hit that party, club or event.

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Superheroes are a solid, sexy choice. A foxy Wonder Woman at the punch bowl says ‘I’m game for adventure, but I’m also strong and have a moral conscience so don’t try anything nasty or I’ll whip you with my golden lasso,’ while a well-executed Batman says, ‘I’m a bad boy, but in a good way…’ Just do yourself a favor and choose wisely. Don’t try to be Thor if you’ve got a black buzz cut – who wants to wear a blond wig all night? And if you’ve never put on a pair of tights, a raging Halloween party might not be the place to start. Likewise for women – Catwoman and Maleficent are very sexually hot characters, but remember you’re heading out on the town in the equivalent of a shower cap in both cases. The bottom line for superhero costumes is that if you embody the power and confidence they have, you’ll probably get laid.


Rotting flesh and exposed skulls are not my thing, but there is definitely a huge subculture who welcome the zombie apocalypse, and even fetishize the zombie look as sexy. A sexy zombie sends a powerful message of ‘shock value.’ Don’t be surprised if that half-corpse lover wants a quickie in the club bathroom or whips out a kinky sex toy when you least expect it.

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Video Game Characters

Video game culture is huge, and the Internet is filled with ‘hottest video game costumes’ for 2015. If you’re a man tempted to get in on this craze, I have to tell you that this particular definition of ‘hottest’ has nothing to do with sexuality. An Angry Bird, Super Mario or Link from The Legend of Zelda running around at a Halloween party is likely not going to get laid. Although, you might be interested to know that it could send a message that you are subservient, so if you’re into being dominated and disciplined, this could still be a good choice. Women will fare better in this category generally, if only because the costumes sometimes have cleavage, and the fact that men go nuts for a woman with Elf ears like Zelda. They would certainly be a great set of handles for a naughty Halloween blowjob.

Playboy Bunnies

Let’s face it, Halloween is a great night to show off your body and get noticed. Most women look for costumes that enhance their sexuality rather than neutralize it. So of course it is very tempting to don a sexy leotard with a fuzzy tail and adorable ears. However, unless you actually were a Playboy Bunny (I have a friend who was, and her husband looks forward to her putting on the costume every year) it can put you in a difficult sexual category – that is, you could come off as cheesy and outdated, which is not sexy.

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Pirates are the male equivalent of Playboy bunnies, but the cheese factor definitely depends on how well it’s pulled off. A dapper felt pirate hat with a crisp white shirt worn on the right man still has die-hard appeal, but just be careful about venturing too far into the cheap world of plastic eye-patches and draw-on moustaches. Keep it classy, and carry a big fake sword.

A Mask

Masks are a sexy option for people who aren’t sure where their Halloween plans might lead. If you have a few places to hit and they’re not all costume events, you have options. Covering your face, or even just your eyes is extremely alluring and draws people in as they become curious to see your face. Remember that in Salome’s erotic Dance of the Seven Veils, it’s her eyes that are revealed last as she strips naked. A mask is a fantastic flirting device that allows you to use body language to your advantage.

No Costume

Well, you might be a party pooper, but sometimes wearing no costume is just as good a conversation starter as any other choice. Your prospective lover might want to know where you’re headed afterward without a costume – you’re the rebel who didn’t conform. Just be aware that if the party is a close group of friends or has a strict dress code, they might be seriously disappointed and you could risk looking like a big jerk, which is never sexy. If you really hate dressing up, just bring a mask!

Halloween lets us all break out of character and pretend we’re someone else for a while, and I believe there’s tremendous value in getting outside of your comfort zone and trying on new ideas or even lifestyles. You might find your chosen costume gets you a passport into a sexual world you weren’t expecting.

Happy Halloween!


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