Product Review: Beatrice by Svakom

Throughout modern sexual history, the g-spot’s existence has been denied, and mystified, but it does exist. Some believe that finding the g-spot can be like finding a treasure, a treasure it is indeed. If you’re not certain of where the g-spot is located, it can be relatively easy to find. However, because of the way the female body is made, the size and exact location of the g-spot can vary from woman to woman. While lying on your back, insert the index and middle finger into your vagina in a “come hither” motion. The g-spot is about the size of a dime, and it feels like a bumpy spot inside on the roof of the vagina about 2-3 inches in.

The pleasure experienced from g-spot stimulation is real. Specifically, the pleasure that can arise when using Beatrice by Svakom. Beatrice is custom designed to promote female g-spot orgasms. This double-headed, double motor beauty offers multiple ways to reach orgasmic heights. Along with the powerful tiny head of Beatrice, there are two replaceable attachments that offer the promise of pleasurable play. These attachments can be used for nipple or clitoral play and any other erogenous spot that you desire. The female body is a virtual playground for pleasure. Every woman’s arousal preference is different. Thus, the versatility of Beatrice with its vibrating thick head on the opposite end, supplies an idea tool for imaginative play. With ten powerful vibration modes the intensity of Beatrice can be tailored to suit one’s sensual appetite.


Beatrice by Svakom is great for masturbation and couples play. It is waterproof and made of skin-friendly silicone. You can get to the fun quickly with the one-hour USB charge time of Beatrice.

G-spot discovery and exploration is fun with Beatrice by Svakom. Beatrice can open a new world of sensuous pleasure.


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