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Have you ever wondered what squirting is all about?  Is it possible to learn this technique or is it a natural act.  There are so many questions asked about this phenomenon, but no one talks about it.  I happen to fall upon the number one resource for sexual health and happiness and found the best teaching and explanation of squirting in terms anyone can understand.

As a sex educator, I found that some people need additional explanation and visuals to understand and learn how to squirt of if they in fact can squirt.  I found this site and there was a course on there that teaches people the act of squirting.

The act of squirting is taught by Sex Educator, Mental Health Professional, Instructor and Coach, Pro Domme, Wrestler, and Writer, Lola. She brings a refreshing understanding to sex, sexuality, and kink to push individuals past what they think they are capable of. Through her course, she helps individuals to stop making excuses and unlock who they are and what they deserve. Lola teaches classes all over the world on a variety of topics including squirting, oral, and pegging. Her knowledge and personality truly shine in her teachings which makes her courses fun and incredibly engaging.

So, what is squirting?  Squirting is when fluid expel from the vagina during orgasm. Not all people with vaginas squirt during orgasm, and those who do may only squirt some of the time.  It sometimes involves secretions from the skene’s gland. The skene’s glands are sometimes called the female prostate because they function similarly to the male prostate.

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Why do we care about it? Can you make someone squirt?  In her course, Lola answers all these questions and more.  She explains her teaching approach, and shares her world-record-breaking experience.

Her teachings discuss the common myths of squirting, such as:

  • Is squirting just pee?
  • Does squirting have anything to do with how hydrated you are?
  • How messy is it?
  • Is squirting an orgasm?
  • Can everyone squirt?

She dives into exploring tools and techniques, and understanding how our bodies make squirting possible. The lesson is dedicated to helping you recognize and appreciate all the body parts involved, from clitoris to the nervous system, areas we sometimes overlook.  Many women stress over why they do not squirt and feel that something must be wrong with them.

There are many toys available to that could help you to squirt. You will get to look at which ones may work best, and which ones can help you work on your pelvic floor. 

In the video in her course, Lola demonstrates pleasure techniques that are likely to help you squirt. She covers:

  • How to warm up
  • The motorcycle rev technique
  • How to engage the pelvic floor

She also gives some very useful parting advice!  So, if you have always wanted to learn or get good advice, check out her course program on!

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Tamara Bell holds a BS in Business Management. She is the founder of the Home Pleasure Party Plan Association, LLC., where she helps party plan business owners grow their business. She is the owner of a Love Coaching practice in Yuma, AZ, where she has been educating women and couples on ways to enhance their relationship for over 28 years. She has participated as a V-Day vendor for 10 years, helping colleges raise money for various non-profit organizations. Tamara has presented at the University of Pacific in Stockton’s Women’s Conference for the past 8 years educating students, educators and faculty on various issues relating to sex, romance and relationships. Her understanding of love and romance has enabled her marriage to reach its 34-year mark. She is also a Death Doula, after loosing her husband she wanted to help others dealing with a loss. Tamara is available for public speaking, media, product endorsements, and one on one private sessions. For a private session with Tamara the options are in person, phone, Skype, or email.


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