Prepping for Good Fellatio

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Giving great fellatio can require skill, knowledge, and the desire to provide the most pleasurable experience for your partner. Prepping to provide that great head, is relatively easy.

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Be Safe First

STIs (Sexually Transmitted Infections) can be contracted during oral sex so it is important to use condoms. Some people use them, some don’t. Flavored condoms can be fun and flavorful. Don’t use lambskin condoms for fellatio. Don’t brush your teeth before performing fellatio. Brushing makes hundreds of tiny little cuts in your mouth that will make you susceptible to STIs. Wait until afterward.

Improve Your Gag Reflex

Having an issue with gag reflex? Try practicing the water drip exercise to improve your gag reflex. Take a small (very small, a drop) sip of water into your mouth, put your head back and let the drop roll down your throat as long as you can without using your throat muscles to swallow. Once you’ve let it go down your throat as long as you can, swallow it. Deep throating can be an issue for some. Start off slow and work your way into it at every session. Using a throat numbing spray can help as well, it numbs the throat making it easier to take in the penis. There are also numbing mints that can make fellatio easier.


Plan on positions. Lying on the bed with your head leaning off the foot of the bed and your partner leaning over you, will allow you to get the deepest entry with the most comfort. He can also lean over and provide a little cunnilingus while he’s there. Another good position is him standing in front of you and you sitting. This is a good position as well, but he will eventually want to sit or lie down if your session is extended.  Most positions where the penis is going into the mouth in its natural curve is most comfortable.

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Watch Your Mouth

Always cover your teeth with your tongue to ensure the most comfort during fellatio. You don’t want to bruise your partner or accidentally break the skin of his member.  If you are an expert, you can use the comb method, gently going up and down the penis with your teeth gently combing the penis. There are little gummy mouth guards that also work well for covering the teeth.

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Toys for the Boys

Use toys during fellatio sessions to give your mouth a break. Bullets are great for stimulation during fellatio. Use them on the scrotum, perineum, and shaft. Tongue vibrators are awesome to use during fellatio. The constant vibration from your every move with your tongue adds an additional level of excitement. Strokers are also useful during fellatio when you’re giving your mouth a break. Using a basic stroker is best. Just put it over the penis and use it to go up and down and side to side, massaging the penis.  Make sure a good water-based lube (flavored if you like) is used to keep things slippery. Stay away from warming lubricants that may contain capsaicin which could burn uncomfortably on the penis and in your mouth and throat.

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Have Fun!

Being skillful at giving fellatio is an attribute your partner will appreciate. Whatever you do, have fun with it. Make fellatio exciting and enticing. Discover what movements and positions your partner enjoys. Sensual intimacy is always increased when we enhance our sexual skills so have fun and start prepping!


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