An Orgasm A Day For An Entire Year? One Woman’s Journey To Have 365 Days Of Pleasure

2014 was the year I decided to keep a record of my orgasms. I was curious to see whether I would have one a day. Would I have multiple per day? Would I skip any days? What would I learn about myself?
An Orgasm A Day

Long story short: I did not end up having an orgasm every day this year. Is that surprising? I don’t really think so. It was a lofty goal, which does not take into account mood, illness, drive (or lack thereof), and any other number of variables.

There were weeks where I had at least one per day, and then there were weeks where I only had one – in a whole week. This also wasn’t very scientific or detailed. I would write the dates of the week and just add each day that I had a(n) orgasm(s). For the majority of the list, I didn’t make any notes of whether I used toys, or whether it was via a partnered interaction. There were a couple events I made note of; the two separate occasions I ejaculated (because they were pretty monumental!), and the time I had an orgasm on the table in a sensual massage. (I need to do that more often.)

Did I even have 365 orgasms from January 1st to December 31st? Actually I didn’t. My unfiltered response is to say, “How weird!” Or that I’m surprised. But when I really think about it? It’s neither weird, nor surprising to me. It’s quite interesting. In total, I had 254 orgasms this year. That is almost 70% of the year. When I look at it as a percentage, I start to feel disappointed in myself (It’s like a “C-“), but logically there is no reason at all to be upset.

Don’t Beat Yourself Up

Going back to the bit at the beginning where I mention all the variables that might have contributed to my not getting off every day, is very important. I reflect on this past year, take a breath, and it makes sense. There were a few months in which I was quite ill – various colds, flus, strep-like symptoms, possibly a bit of depression (that is self-diagnosed, though depression does run in my family), my wonky sleep cycle, and lack of total privacy, and it is no wonder that I did not get off 100% of the possible days.

Would I Keep Track of My Orgasms Again?

I think I will continue to keep track of my orgasms in 2015. I would do things a bit differently. It would be more day-specific (Mon. – 1, Tues. – 1, Wed. – 1, etc. vs. 1+1+1…) and keep better track of which toys I used, if any.

What Was the Point of Tracking My Orgasms?

Quite honestly, I’m a Sex Geek and it’s interesting to me. In the larger scheme of things, I am curious to see whether seasons, or any particular event affects my drive and patterns. Mostly, I find it intriguing from a sexological perspective.

Ultimately, orgasms are not the be all, end all. They are fabulous when they happen, but they shouldn’t be on some pedestal. When we make orgasm the thing, we often set ourselves up for disappointment. I encourage you all (and myself) to go into 2015 with the intention of experiencing all the possibilities for pleasure that our bodies can experience – head to toe – and not just searching for the O.

Happy New Year!


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