Aunt Flo In Town? How To Have Period Sex Without The Mess

Aunt Flo in town? Wanna have sex but you don’t want a bloody mess? Try the new Ziggy cup. Stick this thing up your hoo-ha before your partner sticks anything else up there and you’re good to go without the Flo.

“Ziggy’s revolutionary flat-fit design can’t be felt at all,” say the inventors. “No matter what you’re doing! It’s the only reusable cup that can be worn during sex, making it the first to truly offer you infinite possibilities for up to 12 hours of non-stop protection.”

They also say that the “most comfortable cup ever” is “petal-thin” and has a leak-proof double rim”, so it doesn’t leak all over your new sheets. And they also say that because of it’s “revolutionary flat-fit design” that the thing “can’t be felt at all,” as opposed to a diaphram that guys say can feel like they are banging a rubber glove.

“Ziggy offers you everything you’ve always wanted” they promise, including “self-confidence and freedom” during your period.” Now if they could just promise everything we’ve always wanted from the person we’re having sex on our periods with.

Plus, they say “It’s the only reusable cup that can be worn during sex, making it the first to truly offer you infinite possibilities for up to 12 hours of non-stop protection.” They should promote these things at Burning Man.

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Walmart sells the Ziggy for gettin’ jiggy, even though the store recently banished Cosmopolitan magazine to the back of the store for being “too sexy” for the kids. (Maybe the kids should read Cosmo before they have sex at the average age 15!) Just sayin’.

“A 2011 randomized controlled trial in Canada investigated whether menstrual cups are a viable alternative to tampons and found that approximately 91% of women in the menstrual cup group said they would continue to use the cup and recommend it to others. In an earlier clinical study involving 51 women, 23 of the participants (45%) found menstrual cups to be an acceptable way of managing menstrual flow.”

“In a controlled feasibility study in rural western Kenya, adolescent primary school girls were provided with menstrual cups instead of traditional menstrual care items. Girls provided with menstrual cups had a lower prevalence of sti’s  than control groups. Also, the prevalence of bacterial vaginosis was lower among cup users compared with sanitary pad users. After six months, menstrual cup users were free from embarrassing leakage or odor, and could engage in class activities and sports” without worrying or feeling embarrassed about it. 

Why Switch to Ziggy?

  • So thin you won’t feel it at all
  • Revolutionary flat-fit shape adapts to your body
  • The only reusable menstrual cup for mess-free period sex
  • FDA-approved medical grade silicone
  • 12 hours of protection for all flows, and occasions
  • Leak-proof double rim for maximum protection
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