10 Tips For An Awesome Anal August

August is Anal Pleasure Month! What better time to give it a try if you haven’t, or have fun doing it if you already love it? It may not be for everyone, but without a few crucial tips, you might not be giving it the best shot, and you could be missing out on an exciting array of sensations.

Keep in mind that butt play is great for folks with a prostate too! It can be a gateway to learning how to have multiple orgasms as well as orgasms not directly involving the penis.

Try this advice to make the experience wetter & better!

1. Lube!

This cannot be understated: The ass does not self-lubricate like the vagina does. The anal lining is very thin, so it is more susceptible to tearing than the vagina. To keep things nice and slick, grab a gel-like water-based lube for some cushion, or some silicone lube to last a really long time, or even a nice creamy hybrid, which will last a bit longer than water-based, but is easier to wash away than silicone.

2. Warm Up

You have to romance the ass. Take your time. Don’t rush into it. Many of us have seen scenes in porn where suddenly anal sex is happening. In some cases, that is do-able, but usually for those who have had a lot of practice. Most of us need time to warm up and work our way up gradually to larger toys or appendages. Spend time on the anal opening – slow circles, massaging gently, before going all in.

3. Go S-L-O-W-L-Y

The ass has a TON of nerve endings, so it feels, very acutely, what is going on. Especially when you’re starting out, go very slowly. If you think you’re going slow, go slower.

4. Pay Attention to Your Body

If anything hurts, STOP. There is a huge (problematic) misconception that anal play is supposed to hurt. This is so not true! There is a difference between “this is a new and uncomfortable feeling” and “ow this is the worst thing ever.” Pay attention. It might just be that you need more lube, or the position you are in isn’t working for you, or the toy is a bit too big so you might have to scale down.

5. Play Sober

A drink or two may not be a problem. But if you have trouble articulating, communicating, and feeling, you might end up going too far, too quickly, and possibly hurt yourself.

6. Never Use Numbing Agents!

This is bad, bad news folks. You need the information that your nerves are sending to your brain, because they tell you when to slow down or stop.


If you have to stop because something hurts, go out as slowly as you went in. Do not yank it out quickly.

7. Without a Base, Without a Trace

When using toys be sure to only use ones (plugs, dildos, etc) with a base. It would not be a fun time to lose something up your bum. It might involve a trip to the ER and just all around discomfort. Be smart with what you stick in your body.

Add More Lube!

Don’t be shy! Wetter is better. If you’re with a partner, don’t be afraid to ask for more lube.

8. Breathe!

It helps you to relax and get centered. And, the more you breathe, the more you feel.

9. Safer Sex

Safer sex is important! The penetrator can wear an external (“male”) condom OR the person being penetrated can use an internal condom (“female;” fc2) – just take the inner ring out! The internal condom hangs out of the anus a bit which also covers a bit more skin!

10. Have Fun!

Nothing is worth doing if you aren’t enjoying yourself! Happy Anal August!


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