5 Ways Women Can Increase Their Sex Drive

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Low Sex Drive In Women is Common

A low sex drive may be a more popular topic when it comes to men, hence the invention of Viagra, but many women have also experienced a slump in their desire to have sex. Otherwise referred to as libido, a sex drive is the amount of desire a person has for sexual activity.

If you thought that a low sex drive wasn’t a big issue among women, then you might be surprised to find out that between 30% – 40% of women’s most common sexual complaints was a low sex drive.

So, what are some of the ways women can increase their sex drive?

1. Foods and Herbs

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The good news is that consuming food and dietary supplements is one of the most effective ways for women to increase their sex drive. One of the key ways to ensure good sexual health is by keeping your circulatory system in the best shape possible. You need to have cardiac health to have stamina, so foods that are good for your heart will be good for your sexual desire.

American Heart Association recommends a diet that includes whole grains and fibre, seafood and nuts, a range of fruits and vegetables, as well as olive and sunflower oil. Some of the fruits and vegetables that help are banana, avocado, strawberries, chasteberry and spinach.

Aphrodisiacs are foods that improve sex drive, with the most prominent one being oysters. The zinc content in oysters is a mineral that the body needs for metabolism and stamina. Oysters contain more zinc than any food per serving, but you can choose alternatives such as lobster, crab, red meat and pine nuts.

Other foods that also help are potatoes and fatty fish. After eating, you can also indulge in sex drive boosters such as dark chocolate, coffee and red wine. Some of the dietary supplements that have proved to be effective are ArginMax and Zestra.

2. Exercise

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We all know that exercise is good for our general health, but it has a huge impact on our sex drive. The best thing about exercise is that it helps to reduce stress levels, which is one of the reasons women suffer from a low sex drive. Engaging in regular exercise such as aerobics and strength training not only improves your body image and mood, but it also increases your sexual stamina.

Exercise improves your physique and fitness, resulting in higher confidence and desire to express oneself with his or her body. Let’s go into further details about the specifics of the different forms of exercise.

Try yoga. Studies have indicated that yoga improved desire, orgasm, satisfaction and pain in women of all ages but especially those older than 45. Swimming can result in weight loss, leading to improved sexual endurance. Strength training requires the use of weights to make your muscles stronger. Another form of exercise is Kegel, which helps women strengthen vaginal muscles to achieve a powerful orgasm. And, don’t forget about Sexycises!

3. Relationship Improvement

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The quality of a woman’s relationship and emotional connection with her partner has a tremendous impact on her sex drive. Factors such as resentment and unresolved relationship issues, as well as power imbalances in the relationship may result in a low desire to engage in sex with your partner.

You need to sort out any issues you’ve got with your partner so that you can open your mind and heart to being intimate with them. Communication will play a pivotal role. Honesty is always the best policy, so telling your partner the way you really feel will be the most effective and efficient manner of resolving issues.

In some cases, a sex therapist might be required to teach you how to communicate with each other. Moreover, a therapist could also help you with sexual techniques to ensure more pleasurable intimacy once you’ve crossed the communication barrier.

4. Sleep Well

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It’s not uncommon for a person to be cranky if they haven’t had a good night’s sleep. Not only does it affect their day, but it lowers their desire to have sex. Being sleep deprived also increases one’s stress levels. Getting a good night’s sleep has the opposite effect. It improves a person’s mood, as well as energy levels.

A study conducted in 2015 revealed that women who got a good night’s rest experienced an increase in sexual desire the following day. The study also revealed that women who had longer average sleep times experienced better genital arousal than women with shorter sleep times.

5. Don’t Forget Foreplay

Photo by Diego Rezende from Pexels

Photo by Diego Rezende from Pexels

A woman is more likely to have a desire for sex if she’s had good experiences. For most women, that requires foreplay. Ladies, don’t be afraid to tell your man that he needs to step up his foreplay game if he wants you to be in the mood more often.

Foreplay means different things to women, but some of the most common practices are kissing, touching, using sex toys and oral sex. It is much more important for women than men to engage in foreplay before having sex. Research conducted in 2017 revealed that only 18.4% of women achieved orgasm from intercourse alone, while 36.6% said that they needed clitoral stimulation to orgasm. Foreplay is one of the main ways women can increase their sex drive.

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