A Look Inside the Life of a Male Cam Model: The Feminist Sexpert Interviews Drake Steel

The term cam model evokes images of a being that is gorgeous, sensual, sexy, inviting…and female. Yep, Ladies, that bikini-clad chicksta broadcasting live from your fella’s computer screen is not his cousin Ida from Des Moines. And don’t let him tell you any different.

The good news is that most major adult fansites and chat sites do feature a good number of hot males just waiting to arouse and excite you. And The Feminist Sexpert has one right here. Am I good to you ladies or what?!

Meet Drake Steel, a model whose gorgeous looks and scintillating poses are showcased on Chaturbate and OnlyFans. His name alone is so darned cool. And even better yet, he happens to be a highly intelligent gent who truly respects women. Bonus!

FS: What first inspired you to become a model?

DS: I have always been interested in the adult industry at an earlier age, I always enjoyed satisfying myself as well as helping others satisfy themselves. I used to watch adult content pretty consistently and still do, while watching I would constantly think about what the culture is like when it comes to filming a scene or performing in a scene and how much fun it could be. I thought long and hard about going for it but due to being in school/college and wanting to finish that I held back until I found an outlet to pursue in my freshman year of college.

FS: How did you get into cam modeling?

DS: As I got into college I discovered Chaturbate and realized that they are people just like me. As I have been previously curious about getting into the adult industry I realized that Chaturbate was probably my best option to get into the Adult industry even if it was just for the experience and not really the money

FS: What do you feel that you bring to the adult audience that is new and different?

DS: What I think I bring to the Adult Audience is that I am always willing to try new things and branch out to explore new avenues, from new toys to changing my stream to appeal to my Audience more. I always try to interact with my audience and make sure they know that I want them to enjoy it as much as I enjoy performing. I want to better myself but also have my Audience enjoy the experience better, fine tuning my cam shows will always be a thing.

FS: How do you feel about the concept of women who enjoy visiting camming sites, and adult entertainment in general?

DS: Women that enjoy visiting cam sites and adult entertainment in general have my utmost respect, it is an industry built off the backs of the women who perform but has been geared towards men for the majority of time. As of now the industry is shifting and you see a lot of Adult Content that is geared towards female viewers; more emotional and sensual compared to the more straightforwardness of the act of sex more male geared adult content there is.

FS: If you could describe one of your cam shows to someone who had never seen it, what would you say?

DS: I strive to make everyone smile if they enter my show, either from horniness or hilarity. I want everyone to have as much fun as I do and I always try to make everyone feel included from start to finish.

FS: What other types of modeling and performing have you done?

DS: Other types of performing and modeling are minor compared to my cam work, I take pride in photographing myself and recording/editing my own videos. I would love to branch out into different areas such as meeting with other content creators or actually doing scenes, I always keep my options open.

FS: What are your future plans in the adult industry, and who would you like to work with and for?

DS: My future plans in the Adult Industry are to hopefully expand my cam show and develop it into a fine tuned piece of entertainment. Eventually I would love to get into doing scenes for major production companies but I have to climb that ladder first. Making content with other cam models/content creators is constantly on my list, all in all I am open to all experiences as long as it can help develop a good network and I can have fun doing it. An adult model that I would love to perform with (if the stars align) would have to be Madison Ivy, she puts so much emotion and oozes sexiness in every scene she is in, it is a long shot but a man can dream.

(Feminist Sexpert Note: Madison Girl, put this dude on your speed dial!)

FS: What advice would you give other males who wanted to become cam models?

DS: Any Male that is looking to be a cam model you should keep yourself open to all sides of cam shows, entertaining is a part of the game no matter the gender but always lookout for your best interests. Never get tunnel vision, you can continue to improve your show even when you think it is the best it can be. One last thing I would mention is once you dip your toes into it and enjoy it for what it is, go all in and embrace it, put in the work and you will see it pay off, just keep getting better day by day.

FS: List your links here.

DS: https://chaturbate.com/nutbust14180/

Megan Hussey
Feminist Sexpert


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