Approaching Dating During Quarantine

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

Dating changed drastically during the quarantine.  We went from thinking only the creepers where online to setting up several dating accounts.  We are forced to be lonely or try our hand at love online.  We had to let guards and pieces of us go in order to relax and be entertained by the prospects available via any of a zillion social sites.  How do you get someone to pursue you and explore relationship options?

1. Confidence is key.  See yourself as the prize and realize that the person who is chasing you sees your intellect, strength, and your beauty. While its important to note that the chaser needs to have some sort of response from you to be encouraged to pursue if you wish.  So, give validation, emotional support, and compliments to let the person know you are open to dating.

People are turned on by confident people.  You must let them know you are interested without spilling your guts.  Don’t agree with everything they say, but don’t be mean either.  Be your true self and know that lots of folks are turned on by someone who is naturally themselves. Realize you can build a healthy solid relationship with everyone being their authentic selves.

2. Attraction is a process. Attraction is the chemistry that motivates us to be with another person. Usually, it is a visual attraction and then physical when you meet the person. But here we are, with Covid we are not getting the physical attraction part. Keep challenging your chaser by keeping them interested in the future they may see with you. Remember that just because they start doing things that hint, they are interested, doesn’t mean that its time for you to stop attracting the person. Keep the hunt up.

3. Be Sexy. Confidence, strength, and personality of our own traits make up what kind of relationship you would be looking for. Try looking “sexy”, whatever that looks like for you. The right outfit can flatter and display our attractive features just as highlighting features and physiques play roles in our search for a partner. The summation of confidence is that you should not be predictable or boring.  Be in control without being controlling.  Many will find that you are more attractive when you are easy to get along with and are confident in yourself. Just know, your personality, strength, confidence, and traits become those things that you must put on display to open yourself to meeting people to date.

4. Personality. In dating considerations include psychological attractiveness such as pleasant and cheerful personalities. A great personality will bring out the best in others. Be careful not to over focus on personality alone, however.  This often results in a deep friendship without a sexual spark.  Thus, changing the trajectory of the relationship. You basically need to find your own style of attraction.  We are all different and the great news is, none of us are perfect so we are all developing our dating wants as we go. Do what is natural to you, then work on other traits and skills that help you establish the kinds of relationships you really want.

5. Be Engaged but Aloof. Find that balance of being engaged and aloof, be engaged in conversation and let them know you.  You should want them as well.  Understand the difference between wanting someone and needing someone.  Don’t try to trap a person into a relationship.  Be cautious about when you profess your love for the person.  The other thing to note when talking about confidence and sexiness in getting someone to chase you, is letting them ask you about other people.  This will let you know their level of interest and allows you to prioritize the relationship and its growth.  Just as you will play games, they will too, it will be their way of making sure you are worth the chase.

6. Time. Another change to the dating game is the amount of time you have now to chat with this person and to do it virtually! Some ideas that I can share are virtually taking them with you for tea, watch a television show together or share your hobby with them.

7. Get Over Your Fears. Virtual dating requires you to overcome any fears you have about being on camera, utilize uploaded images or stock images for your background.

Online dating has become the new normal. So go for it!


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