This App Could Change The Way We Sext

The Internet has made it possible to find love in the comfort of your own home. Online dating sites make it easy to meet people in many interesting ways.

LoveRoom helps single people find love by sharing a room for one week, while Tinder helps you meet people nearby by swiping through photos. Countless dating sites give you the opportunity to put yourself out there and search for ‘the one.’ Technology has been a huge time and money saver when it comes to the world of dating.

But what about those of us who are already in a relationship? Sure, there’s a ton of apps that helps us go on better dates, but there’s nothing really that interesting in technology for couples.

And what about those of us who are in long distant relationships?

It pretty much comes down to sexting.

Sexting is fun. It helps you test the waters when talking to someone new and keeps the spark alive between couples. I’ve searched the app store and the Internet to find apps that make sexting better and came across one that just might do the trick.

Sexting For Couples

Meet Vibease. Vibease is about helping those in long distant relationships maintain their intimacy. It’s basically a smart vibrator for women.

Ladies, listen up, this app allows your boyfriend to control its vibration level and rhythm from anywhere in the world. It’s going for $99 (the app is free) and you can get it in your choice of color: pink or purple.

Here’s what the founder, Hermione Way, has to say about the grand vision behind Vibease:

“The grand vision is to provide an immersive pleasure experience for women around the world so they can reach climax easier. 56% of women are not reaching orgasm during sex and the reason why is that when it comes to sex men and woman are very different. Men can reach climax using visual stimulation, women need more of their senses stimulated. Because Vibease is a bluetooth connected device, it works in sync with erotic stories, like 50 Shades Of Grey, that are in our fantasy marketplace stimulating both body and mind.

Most women don’t realize there are huge benefits to reaching orgasm including lowering blood pressure and reducing stress and anxiety. The first vibrator was invented by a British doctor in the 1800s to treat anxiety. By equipping women with the tools they need to reach orgasm easier, we are helping women become healthier and happier.”

Sexting For Singles

Although Vibease was created to be used for couples, I think it can also be used for singles. Hookups happen locally, but sexting can happen anywhere in the world.

Although I have no problem with hookups, we can’t ignore the fact that hookups can be dangerous if you’re not practicing safe sex. Unfortunately, sometimes we get caught up in the heat of the moment and take risks.

So, what if there was a way to “have sex” without exactly having sex? That’s where Vibease comes in. Instead of just sexting and sending photos to that cute guy you met online from Brazil, he can actually download the app and control your vibrator.

Think about that for a second. This can take sexting a whole new level for singles. This is where digital meets physical. Sorry fellas, but there isn’t a smart sex toy for men yet.

Still, Vibease serves its purpose more so for long distant relationships because those are the relationships that often need the most attention.

These relationships are more serious and if a couple wants to maintain their intimacy from a distance, this is a great way to do it.