What Do Women And Men Really Want In Bed?

If you could name the 5 things you wanted your lover to do more in bed what would they be?

A sex survey from Body Logic Md asked the very question to 1008 men and women aged 18-89, with an average age of 36. The study had people “weigh in on the physical appearance and sexual habits of their significant others.” From the preferred shape of women’s boobs and the shape of dude’s dongs, to the top 5 wants in the bedroom, the survey found out what people really thought about their boyfriends, girlfriends, or spouses.

First, the important stuff:

Here are the top 5 sexual things mean and women want from their lover:

1.) BOTH men and women wanted more foreplay. It seems like people never got the memo on that one. Everyone gets so excited that they “stick it in” way too fast. Slo mo is the way to go.


1.) More foreplay

2.) New Positions

3.) Use of toys

4.) More sex in general

5.) More oral sex


1.) More foreplay

2.) Anal sex

3.) Threesome/group sex

4.) More oral sex

5.) New positions

So there ya have it; while women want more sex, men want more sex with more people.

The study also asked a couple of superficial questions, like what boob shape do people prefer, and what penis shape do people like the best. The general consensus was the bigger the better, with people weighing in on specific preferences. Its not like most people can change the exact configuration of their body parts, even with plastic surgery, but here it goes…

When it comes to the shape of a man’s Johnson, the four categories were “The Bender”, (curved upwards), 40%, “The Curve” (straight with a slight curve), 36%, “Big Head” (more “headroom’), 16%, and “Big Shaft” (a “chubbie”.)  Personally, I’m just happy to see one.

As far as the shape of boobies was concerned, 25% said they liked the shape of them to be “full on top”, 18% said “full on bottom, 12% said “wide apart,” and 7% said “round.” 6% said “close together”, 6% said “high on chest,” 5% said “wide apart,” 4% said “pointy,” and 3% said “big areolas.” Maybe we should spend more time on what to do with them instead of how they look.

BodyLogicMd.com is a network of physician-owned practices specializing in bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. BodyLogicMD’s medically-supervised treatment plans are designed for men and women suffering from hormonal imbalance and conditions of aging, such as menopause and andropause. The company strives to help people keep those curved boners up for life.


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