Who’s Your Daddy

Let’s talk about the word Daddy. Most women have at one point heard who’s your Daddy? In my early 20s I was not a fan. I immediately thought of my own father who was a vile human being that left me with a series case of daddy issues.. I went to therapy for years. Every self help seminar in sight… I pursued comedy as a form of therapy and creating content became art therapy for me. As I came to accept myself I realized that the neglect and abuse I suffered as a kid helped shape me. I could heal from it and move on but it’s woven into my foundation. It’s not shameful to have a hole in your heart. We are all beautiful complex statues and our variations, chips and missing pieces are part of what makes us unique and beautiful.

As I started to accept myself the way I was I realized that I was happiest in relationships where the man is a head of me in life. A bit smarter, more successful.. I was happiest when the man took care of me. It worked for me because it filled the void in my heart. All of a sudden I adored the word “Daddy.” It never meant father to me. I’ve never called my actual father anything besides his first name. Daddy is a protector. Daddy’s got this.. all the things my dad never was.

Lately I’ve encountered a few men that were confused when their lover referred to them as daddy in bed. They got concerned and turned off. It’s not for everyone and it’s important to know it means something different to every person. Some might like role playing daddy / little girl. Some might incorporate it into their bdsm fun. It’s not a bad thing to ask, what does Daddy mean to you?

For me Daddy is a vibe. It’s not about male or female. They are alpha, they are in control, they are confident, generous, strong and always has my back. That’s Daddy.

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Erika Jordan

Certified Love Coach, NLP practitioner

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