Who Uses Vibrators and Why

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While not everyone owns or uses a vibrator, enough people are using them to make up the bulk of the international $15 billion a year sex toy industry. To put that in perspective, bras are a $16 billion a year worldwide industry, so don’t give me that fake innocent “Who, me?” look.

I came upon a fascinating article in StorErotica, a trade magazine for sex toy retailers, about who uses vibrators and why, I just had to share the bounty of facts and statistics that sexologist, sex educator and relationship expert Dr. Yvonne Fulbright. There are more numbers that say about 1 in 2 adults – both men and women – use them.

A little Vibrator History

Back when Alfred Kinsey and Shere Hite released their groundbreaking studies on sexuality in 1953 and 1976 respectively, vibrator use was rare and were only used by 1% of the population. Today, two recent studies published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine say that 52.2% of women between the ages of 18 and 60 and 45% of men in the same age group use vibrators.

Who are the Women who Use Vibrators?

According to researchers at Indiana University, women who use vibrators tend to be white, non-Hispanic and married. Women with some college education make up 35% of female vibrator users.

Women who have earned a bachelor’s degree of higher account for make up for almost 30% of female vibrator users. Twenty-five percent of single women use vibrators.

Do Straight Men Use Vibrators?

Researchers at IU found that 44% straight men have used a vibrator with 22.3% of them having used one within the past month.

Ninety-three percent of men who use vibrators have used them in sex play with a female partner with 82% of them during sexual intercourse. Heterosexual men that use vibrators are more likely to be 30-44 years old and work full time.

Gays & Bi Guys & Vibes

In a 2009 study involving nearly 25,300 gay and bisexual men, researchers found that about half of them have used a vibrator.

Gay and bisexual men that have reported using a vibrator were more likely to be white, well-educated and in a relationship at the time they took part in the study.

The likelihood of vibrator use among gay and bi men increased with age.

Why do People Use Vibrators?

Both men and women buy vibrators for themselves for fun, curiosity, to spice up their sex lives, to make it easier to have an orgasm, or to please a partner.

Lesbians are more likely to use a vibrator in hopes that their partner will have an orgasm more readily.

Almost 60% of male vibrator users purchase vibrators for their partners.

AGWDM hitachi magic wandThirteen percent of male vibrator users purchase vibrators for themselves.
– The Magic Wand Original isn’t just for the ladies. A lot of men I’ve talked with love it for themselves, too.

When and how do People Use Vibrators?

Just over 46% of women have used a vibrator during solo masturbation with one-fifth of them having done so in the previous month.

More than 37% of women have used a vibrator during intercourse. Forty-one percent of women use lube with a vibrator.

Lubricants should always be used with vibrators to avoid injuring skin and tissue. Water-based lubricants that’s good for your skin and easy to use and clean off your vibrator. Plus, water-based lubes are a must for silicone vibrators.

According to a 2004 study by the Berman Center, more than 40% of people have used a vibrator during foreplay or sex play.

The same study found that 84% percent of women use a vibrator to simulate the clitoris and 64% use it inside the vagina.

Research on gay and bisexual men has found that 42.8% of them use a vibrator during masturbation while 33% of straight men have done the same.

Almost one-third of gay and bisexual men have used a vibrator have used a vibrator during sex play or foreplay and 29.6% of them have used it during intercourse. Whether solo or with a partner, vibrators were usually used anally.

Vibrators Are Good for You!

Men who have used a vibrator recently have scored higher on erectile function measures like intercourse satisfaction, orgasmic functioning and sexual desire.

Women who have used vibrators recently tend to have more positive sexual functioning like arousal, natural lubrication, orgasm, and pain.

As you see, there’s no such thing as one vibrator that serves all the ways to have fun with your sex play. This is why you definitely want to get a toy box for your bedroom.

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