Types Of Kissers Which One Are You?

Kissing plays a very important role in attraction and having amazing sex. So, what kind of kisser are you?

Before we move on to our kissing tips for guys, let’s take a look at the type of kisser you do not want to be.

If any of these apply to you, I suggest an intervention for yourself.

The Serial Killer

Someone who will attempt to choke you with their tongue. Their goal is to get as much of their tongue into your mouth as possible. This might work out if a girl has an excellent gag reflex and doesn’t mind the slobber, but realistically you’re better off with the motto “less is more.”

The Vampire

An occasional nibble is a great thing, but this guy is out for blood. He bites lips, tongue, neck anything he can get in his mouth. The Vampire is a guy that has a girl dreading oral.

The Inhaler

This guy makes you feel like he can’t breathe, and you’re a bag of oxygen. You would pull away, but you can’t because the more you pull back, the harder he sucks. If you were a lollipop, this would be great, but you’re not.

Bug Eyed Kisser

A few seconds here and there taking a peek can be sexy. It shows a guy is present and focused on you but when he only closes his eyes to blink it makes you wonder what girl could look good that close and if you hit him over the head will his eyes remain in that cross eyed position?

Cotton Mouth

Too much tongue can be a bad thing, but this guy makes you wonder if he has one. An occasional flicker of the tongue keeps things lubricated.

The Ground Hog

Starts out with the Cotton Mouth when all of a sudden his tongue leaps out of his mouth into yours! Before you can reciprocate or react in any way, it’s gone leaving you to wonder if it happened at all.

The Loud Kisser

MUAH, slurp, ugh! It’s hard to get lost in the moment when each kiss comes with an almost cartoon-like sound effect.

Part-Time Kisser

These kisses are fine… It’s not the technique that makes this a negative it’s the lack of consistency. His ADHD goes into overdrive as he switches up the style and pressure every few seconds.

Mr. Perfect Kisser

Your knees buckle every time. He can take away your bad days and make your good days even better. Every once in a while you encounter a kiss that makes you believe in fairy tales. This type of kiss is guaranteed to lead to great sex!


Now, you reeled her in, and it’s time for your first kiss!

These are some kissing tips to help you become a great kisser.

Step 1 – Preparation

Brush your teeth and tongue 2-3 times a day.

Don’t forget to floss and use mouth wash.

Try to avoid foods that cause bad breath like onions and garlic.

If all else fails, chew some parsley or mint leaves if you’re in a bind.

You can also counter bad smells with things like green tea, minty gum, carrots, mushrooms and lemons, or take some mustard and swish it around your mouth before swallowing.

Step  2 – Be Patient

Start out slow and with purpose.

Begin with a closed mouth kiss.

Next, slowly open your lips until you can feel their lip in between yours.

Step 3 – Escalate Properly

Don’t rush.

Trace her lips lightly with your tongue.

Throw in a lip nibble and gently suck her tongue when she puts it into yours. Feel her out.

Think of it as a dance and let her take the lead.

Soon you’ll be able to pick up on the rhythm, her kissing style and adjust accordingly to compliment it.

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Erika Jordan

Love Coach, NLP Practitioner

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