How To Get A Woman To Touch You

Human touch produces oxytocin, the bonding chemical in our brains that increases attraction and leads to intimacy. So how do you get to that first step? In this video, I give advice on how to get a woman to touch you, whether it’s a kiss on the cheek or feeling the fabric of your sweater. It’s not as hard as you think if you just use a few simple tricks and tips, but the rewards are definitely worth it because she’ll find herself more attracted to you, and let’s face it, more likely to touch you again! And definitely more likely to go on a second date.

Check out my other Advice for Men videos on this site, or on the Sexpert Media YouTube channel where I talk about everything from how to get a better erection to how to get a second date. You’re sure to find something you didn’t know about what women think and how we act. It’s my pleasure to share these secrets with you.

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