Erika Jordan’s Advice For Men – The Ultimate Sex Game

The Ultimate Sex Game! Want to be a better lover? This sex game will change your life! Learn how to play this fun, hot, sexy game with your new partner to determine what kind of loving she craves in bed! Playing this game will give you the tools to read her body like a cartographer reads maps. Not only that, but it will turn her on in the process and make you a better, more confident, and caring lover!

Let Erika Jordan give you the scoop. Watch the video above for details!

In a new relationship, it is often hard to figure out what your new partner may like between the sheets. Instead of wondering, play this hot, sexy Ultimate Sex Game to get an instant road map to your partner’s pleasure zones and learn what turns her on quickly!

How to Play:

  • Take turns with your partner trying various types of sexual touch. Try tickling, erotic massage, oral pleasure, and don’t forget to explore her whole body with various types of touch! Does she like it gentle and loving? Don’t she like it rough and dominating? Does she like it when you whisper sweet nothings in her ear, or talk dirty? Don’t forget her breasts, nipples, back of the neck, underarms, inner thighs, feet, and of course her clitoris.
  • Get her to rate her pleasure response from 1 (bleh) to 10 (OMG you are going to make me come!)
  • Now you have a roadmap for what types of touch drive your partner wild and make them go crazy in bed!

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