The Sexy Science of Kissing

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A Kiss Is More Than A Kiss

Studies have shown that the details of a first kiss are more memorable than the details of any other “first time” sexual experience. In her book The Science of Kissing, biologist Sheril
Kirshenbaum explains the impact of kissing as being something we are wired to associate with positive emotions from birth: “When an infant is born, his or her first experiences of love and comfort and security usually involves some kind of kissing.”

“Just as women have an eight-lane superhighway for processing emotion while men have a
small country road, men have O’Hare Airport as a hub for processing thoughts about sex whereas women have the airfield nearby that lands small and private planes.” – Louann Brizendine, M.D.

In adulthood, a passionate kiss causes our blood vessels to dilate and our brains receive an increase in oxygen. As our heart rate increases, our breathing becomes irregular, our cheeks flush and our pulse quickens. The pupils in the eye also dilate, which may be one
reason why we close our eyes. The kiss also ignites a mix of positive neurotransmitters, including endorphins, dopamine, serotonin, adrenaline, and the “love hormone” oxytocin.

These hormones are an important part of “keeping the love alive”, which is why kissing
more often is a surefire way to rediscover the spark in a relationship.

For a woman, a kiss helps determine the suitability of a partner via his hormonal markers. Women have a stronger sense of taste and smell, and kissing gives the best opportunity to get a sample. Kirshenbaum goes on to say, “It is nature’s ultimate litmus test.”

For men, open mouth kissing enhances testosterone through the exchange of saliva. Women receive a spike in testosterone as well, which increases libido. These findings are supported by a report led by Gordon Gallup at Albany University in New York that found, “the men surveyed overwhelmingly described kissing as a means to a sexual end whereas women reported that kissing allowed them to gauge how a prospective partner felt about them and whether the relationship was worth pursuing.”

Places to Kiss!

And where can you kiss your partner? The options are limitless. While the mouth is the most obvious, using your lips for a full body exploration of your partner is a tour worth taking:

♥ Forehead: Hold your partner’s head with both hands and slowly kiss the spot right above the brow bone in the middle of the forehead with tender lips that form the letter O. This is
a very intimate gesture and is also known as kissing the third eye, the gate that leads to higher consciousness in spirituality.

♥ Nose: One of the friendliest of all kisses is a gentle kiss on the tip of the nose. To make it more intimate, look your partner in the eyes at the same time.

♥ Neck: Tease your partner by moving your tongue and lips gently up and down, around the front and the back of the neck and end with gentle nibbling to give them shivers of pleasure.

♥ Palm: Kiss the palm with loose lips and slyly close their hand after, as if they are holding your kiss in their palm for safekeeping.

♥ Navel: Tickling the rim around the navel feels kinky and fun. Vary speeds and strokes to change sensation and top it off with a circle of smooches or a tongue that penetrates the navel.

♥ Stomach: Wet, open-mouthed kisses on the stomach can get a person’s juices flowing. However, many people can be self- conscious of their stomach, so soft and sincere kisses all over can be just as good.

♥ Spine: You can kiss up or down the spine followed by soft licking and cool breaths to give your partner exciting spine tingling sensations.

♥ Buttocks: Kiss you partner from cheek to cheek varying the speed and the strokes as you explore their vulnerable and sensitive backside.

♥ Feet: French kisses on each toe and licking in between and along their arch will put them in a foot fetish frenzy. This is also known as “shrimping”, the act of toe sucking or licking for sexual gratification of both partners.



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