10 Ways to Improve Your Sex Life

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Predictability Is the Demise of One’s Sex Drive

Have you found that your sex life has become dull, predictable, or worse, entirely diminished? You are not alone. Many couples find themselves sexually exhausted and reach a dry period at some point or another. While this is totally natural, it can be daunting for couples to go through and may actually cause harm to the relationship. Predictability can lead to the demise of one’s sex drive. The more you become acquainted with someone, the less thrilling sex with that person gets.

Did I mention this is completely normal? With that being said, there’s no need to fret. You can do several things to get your sex life back on track, regardless of how large or small the problem is. Your sexual health is inextricably linked to your whole mental, physical, and emotional well-being.

1. Communication:

First things first, communication is essential. I say this often. A lack of communication can result in a sex drought as well as other relationship problems. Communicate with your partner about your wants, needs, feelings, and emotions. Keep in mind that good and effective communication is not one-sided. Listening to what your partner desires and longs for is equally important.

2. Get Physical:

Maintain physical affection. Being affectionate is necessary for sustaining an emotional and physical connection, even when you’re exhausted, stressed, unhappy, or anxious about your relationship or any outside situations.

3. Touch:

Practice touching (when alone and with your partner). Allow your partner to observe your pleasure-seeking behavior. When you masturbate in front of your partner, they can study where you prefer to be touched and how you react to those touches. You may also learn a lot about your partner’s enjoyment preferences by touching them. It most likely will be a major turn-on and serve as foreplay!

4. Variety:

Switch it up… Using a variety of different sex positions adds to the enjoyment of lovemaking. It can also help with the resolution of some sexual dysfunctions, such as anorgasmia.

5. Experiment:

Experiment with sex toys. Introducing sex toys can change your sex life for the better. Sex toys instantly spice up things in the bedroom and enhance the full experience. It takes the pressure of performance off you and your partner, leading to more AND better orgasms.

6. Be Open:

Be open to trying things you’ve never tried before, such as having sex in an elevator, pulling off the road in a private location, or an area of your house you’ve never gotten busy in.

7. Be Spontaneous:

Being spontaneous is a terrific way to liven up your sex life, especially if you’ve discovered that sex has become too routine for you. Shake things up by initiating sex in different environments, on different days, and at random times. The wonderful thing about spontaneity is that it may be combined with daring (but unexpected) activities for heightened excitement and an incredible sexual encounter.

8. Be Romantic:

Plan romantic dates like a picnic in the park, a helicopter tour of your city, or preparing your partner’s favorite meal (and if you’re not a great cook, there’s always their favorite restaurant). This will make your partner feel loved and desired, which will lead to greater sex.

9. Remember:

Remember how flirtatious you were at the beginning? Have you ever heard someone say, “whatever you did to get them, you’ll have to do to keep them?” Well, this is true to an extent. So bring that old thang back! Send your sweetheart sweet, fun text messages, or leave tiny notes for them to find. This can also serve as role play, which might lead to you getting your rocks off someplace, so have fun with it.

10. Be Creative:

Something beautiful always comes from creativity, right? Your relationship and sex life are no exception. It’s time to broaden your sexual horizons—experiment with new positions, a change of scenery, role-playing, or acting out varied fantasies. The sky is literally the limit, and you’ll have a great time trying new things. What exactly are you waiting for? Get those creative juices flowing and regain control of your sex life.

So basically you should just be daring, spontaneous, romantic, flirtatious, and creative. Have fun! This will reignite the spark in your love life and make you feel empowered and confident AF.


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