The Return of the Playgirl Centerfold: The Feminist Sexpert Interviews Ari

From its inception in 1973 to the publication of its final print issues in the mid-2000s, the Playgirl brand stood as one of the first media empires to appeal and cater to the sexual woman; supplying a bounty of male centerfold layouts, erotic stories, articles centered around women’s issues, and, ultimately, women’s porn films and male revues as well.

Well Ladies, the Feminist Sexpert (a onetime Playgirl writer and fan club president herself) is thrilled to announce that Playgirl is back. And so, fates be thanked, is the Playgirl centerfold. And while the gorgeous blond Ari does indeed serve as a stunning face (and, well, body) for Playgirl Plus, the newly launched adult interest and lifestyle destination for women, he has the heart and mind to match.

The June Man of the Month, Ari is featured in a high definition video and photo set that takes the viewer on a virtual date with a sculpted, gloriously tatted badboy, shooting him on his motorcycle and playing in the waters of a sparkling aqua pool. See preview footage free of charge at, then join the PG paysite to see his full online pictorial and video.

“I’m honored to be a part of Playgirl,” he said. “I’m a sex positive person, I believe in and support sex work, and I hate the way that people are shamed for enjoying their sexuality.”

“Playgirl,” he said, “is a judgment-free zone.”

Having previously modelled for clients as diverse as motorcycle clothing and gear dealers to major candy bar companies, this kind, well-spoken and strongly presented gentleman welcomed the opportunity to pose for Playgirl.

“When I looked up the site, I saw beautiful photography and talented photographers and models,” he said. “I knew this is something I wanted to be a part of.”

Yet for Ari, his involvement in Playgirl goes far beyond the visceral. A onetime submissive for a girlfriend into BDSM domination, this man lives and loves to please.

“I see the beauty in all women. A woman is majestic, a goddess, no matter what she looks like,” he said. “I see my involvement with Playgirl as another way to serve women.”

Outside the sensual realm, Ari is a onetime mental health specialist and martial arts specialist who loves cycling, travelling and sports. He is an Insta model who wants to continue posing for a variety of brands, including additional work with Playgirl. And (brace yourself, Ladies!), he hopes to appear in classy, high quality adult film productions as well.
For now, we can gaze upon all things Ari, and other sublime men of the month, at

“Come join me at Playgirl Plus,” he said, “This is your safe place, to be who you are regardless of age or weight, You’re perfect the way you are!” 


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