Making Her Dreams Come True: The Making of Bellesa’s Rebecca & Ramon

Bellesa Films

Ramon and Rebecca by Bellesa Films

Don’t allow her super cute, girl next door looks fool you. Beautiful Rebecca Vanguard is a super smart businesswoman and content creator who also delivers sexy, empowered and uniquely arty performances in high end XXX features. She is also a woman with a fantasy–a dream that this modern day Cinderella realized with the help of a powerful Fairy Godsister–herself a guiding force in the arena of feminist porn.

Recently Rebecca wrote Bellesa House director Jacky St. James a long letter that detailed a favorite sexual fantasy; one starring an acclaimed porn stud, that she yearned to bring to life in the form of a hot XXX movie produced at Bellesa, an iconic feminist adult studio.

The Prince Charming in this dirty Cinderella story is legendary performer Ramon Nomar, a classically handsome seducer often considered a favorite among female fans and performers alike.

The Bellessa House scene “Rebecca & Ramon” is most literally a fantasy on film; a movie that translates the desires of its starlet most literally “to the letter.” Jacky St. James directed this scene, in which Rebecca both rims and receives anal intercourse from Ramon Nomar.

OK, so that particular plot diverges a bit from the ‘ball and glass slipper’ motif; but hey, it works.

“It was incredibly unique. It wasn’t just about working with Ramon, but also about how she wanted to give him a rim job. She was very open about her desires and it was incredibly refreshing – someone who just put their fantasy out there in the hopes of turning it into a reality,” said Jacky.

“Ultimately, it was up to Rebecca and Ramon to make the scene what they wanted in the moment. I booked the location and coordinated with Ramon (ensuring his comfortability with the fantasy) and the rest was in their hands. When someone wants to bring a fantasy to life, less involvement by a director is important. Choreographing a fantasy makes it feel forced and at Bellesa we want the performers to be their most authentic selves. Sometimes that means that the fantasy does not translate perfectly – but giving them the freedom and space to explore is what is critical.”

Ramon, say Jacky and Rebecca, was excited to assume the role of Rebecca’s subject of desire; to, indeed, be wanted so much by such an enchanting woman. And the feeling was mutual.

“Ramon is a busy guy and I’ve never worked with him. As a sex worker, I’m a provider and a consumer, and I’ve always liked him,” said Rebecca. “He likes anal, a lot of guys aren’t into it. Plus I have a thing for accents–hot foreign accents–and his is Spanish/European. And he seems open to everything that a lot of guys have stigmas about.”

Oh, and The Feminist Sexpert must add (because, well, I am The Feminist Sexpert), the dude is just really, really hot. See pictorial evidence of this point above, as provided by Bill William Compton, CC BY-SA 3.0 , via Wikimedia Commons.

Rebecca compares her letter to Jacky St. James as a missive written to Santa–one that fulfilled her deepest wishes. Only it was Ramon’s lap on which she ultimately sat.

“Female porn is the brand for Bellessa, which provides a film format for women, so they can finally talk about and find out their desires, and not feel like weird perverts. It’s passionate, intense, I’m into it,” said Rebecca. “I wrote a letter to Jacky because it’s more creative to write descriptions for scenes, a story–letting my imagination run wild.”

And the results, says Jacky, were nothing short of sizzling.

“Rebecca was very shy at first, which I expected. She had been attracted to Ramon for a while and therefore her shyness felt incredibly real and natural. Whenever a scene for Bellesa House happens, it’s always magical and unique and different than anything we’ve seen before because these people have a story and a reason they are being paired together,” she explained. “Ramon took the lead (as he often does) which helped Rebecca become more comfortable and give her the confidence to explore her ultimate fantasy.”

And that, says Jacky, is always the mission behind her work.

“I want every person who arrives to set to feel both safe and comfortable. The environment we create at Bellesa is one where people are encouraged to speak out, to share their do’s and don’ts, and to have a truly enjoyable and connected experience with their scene partner,” she reveals. “Empowering the performers to select their scene partner is a part of that. It eliminates a lot of the unnecessary stress a performer might feel, let’s say, if they are paired with a complete stranger or someone they’ve never met.”

Rebecca calls this scene “everything I thought it would be and more” and a definite career first–but knowing this spunky feminist, it won’t be a last.

With just a little more than two years in the business, Rebecca has shot scenes for Evil Angel, Jules Jordan, Brazzers, Girlsway, Pure Taboo, Twistys, Wicked Pictures, Zero Tolerance, MOFOs, Nubiles, Bang Bros., PervCity, Throated,, Reality Junkies, Swallowed, and more. Rebecca has scored multiple coveted nominations including Best New Starlet from the NightMoves Awards and Porn Star Live Cam Performer of the Year from the Cammy Awards. She has also nabbed tons of Spank Bank Awards nods, and in 2019 won Most Servile Sub of the Year and a technical award as Badlands Becky. Rebecca has been featured in Hustler and Xcitement, as well as mainstream sites Input, Vox, and Medium.

As a content creator, Rebecca seeks–not only to realize her own vision–but to spotlight the talent and beauty of other women as well. Check out her niche site and brand new 4K glamour porn site Tru6lack (pronounced True Black) showcasing Black women. And find her doing live feature shows on Cam4

“I love it when other girls who are performers comment, “I love this idea, cool.” I like to appeal to the female market. I’m not competitive versus other girls,” she said. “Porn attracts naturally outspoken women, although others may tell us to just shut up about it. I encourage other women to be outspoken, confident, give it a shot.”

In Rebecca’s eyes, all women are beautiful and deserve their time in the spotlight.

“I work with BBW performers, trans performers, women of all colors….I believe in making a girl feel good about herself, glamorous. I hire a makeup artist, have a nice location, I make her feel special,” she said. “This is my own content. Being a female performer, I know male talent, I edit my own stuff, I learned to do video, lighting, to the point where I am making a good product.”

Keep up with everything in Rebecca’s world. Follow her Twitter @rebeccavanguard and Instagram @rebeccavanguardofficial. “Rebecca & Ramon” can be seen at

On a personal note: As Rebecca is an awesome sisterfriend, I can’t be jealous of her, overmuch; even so, I can’t help but be a little envious that The Feminist Sexpert doesn’t have the luxury of writing a top feminist porn director when I want some sexy time with a favorite hunk. However, Jacky St. James tells me this:

“The best advice I can give anyone is not to think or talk about what you want – but to actually pursue it. If you want to work with someone – tell them, or tell Bellesa House. If you want to write a porn, write one and then try and pitch it. Dreams cannot happen in reality without action.”

OK, so now The Feminist Sexpert is hearing strains of the old Pointer Sisters ditty “Should I Do It?” going through my head. Should I write my own lusty letter? My own smexy script? Decisions, Decisions, Ladies….stay tuned!


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