The Feminist Sexpert Interviews Blush Erotica

Video, Voiceover & Erotica

Imagine a porn scene in which the heroine is honored and respected, loved and pleasured, as we see her sensual adventure in beautifully conveyed high definition images–and with a rich narration that describes her pleasuring. This is an erotic story come to life. This is Blush Erotica.

Blush Erotica merges video, voiceover, and erotica at the new website,

Blush Erotica has partnered with The Sinematographer to offer this new concept, which is conveyed in boy/girl, lesbian, threesomes, interracial, MILF, and more to come as the site develops. All stories are narrated from the female perspective, and are shot in an HD cinematic style. Moreover, the site features actresses of all body types and various ages.

The Feminist Sexpert is a proud writer for Blush Erotica, and would love to introduce more female porn fans to the Blush experience. Here are some fast facts about this fabulous studio.


Blush Erotica makes adult content that empowers all women and shows them in their best light.

Company overview:

Blush Erotica is a new concept in adult content that merges video, voiceover, and erotica. More specifically, this new concept in porn provides a narrated voiceover that adds an additional layer of erotica to hardcore porn. As the company’s catalog grows so does featuring male/female, female/female, and solo scenes, behind-the-scenes footage, photography, and personal interviews with stars.


We love all bodies and all ethnicities and don’t have a “type” when it comes to telling our story. We’ve been fortunate to work with many amazing people and look forward to working with many more. Established in 2019, Blush Erotica’s parent company is composed of passionate individuals who bring different talents to the table with a common goal: to make beautiful cinematic content.

Current Projects:

The team is in the middle of Exxxotica events. We love expo season because it gives us a chance to make new connections. We also produce a series of interviews with the stars. Blush Erotica is gearing up to release its first multi-scene series about four college friends who go away to a lake house together for a long weekend.

Blush Erotica has established channels on PornHub, ManyVids, and Clips4Sales in addition to its subscription site. The group is also releasing interviews with the talent on YouTube and plans to start a new TikTok channel featuring stars giving tips for dating.

Visit or check out its Twitter at @blush_erotica.


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